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After processing yesterday's information about the Xbox One, it has become clear that I do not want one.

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The speed of switching between things was one of the most impressive things about the Xbox One. I don't think TV integration is that big of a deal, though. I tried TVii once, had trouble getting it set up, and just gave up. I barely watch live TV anymore with all the on-demand stuff available. I'm ok with using my Wii U to stream shows from Amazon Prime (or Netflix, or whatever); and I LOVE being able to do that on the GamePad or play games even while someone else watches TV. Would I like the load times to be a lot faster? Yes, and I hope the Summer update brings more improvement. It's not a deal-breaker, though.

Microsoft really wants the techies who are also NFL nuts who play fantasy football. That's a significant chunk of the US gamer population, but not a majority, and almost non-existent in the rest of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if it does waaay better in the US than overseas; even more than the 360.

It's going to come down to games, I think. I'm about 98% sure that there are going to be quite a few Wii U exclusive games that I'm going to absolutely love. PS4 has some very good-looking ones (Knack looks like it could have been a Nintendo title), but Xbox One still has just question marks. I'm really looking forward to E3.

They can integrate it with soccer for europe and also associate in NBA which is loved worldwide.

But yea games is the main draw to any console. I know Nintendo will have 4-5 games like mario kart, mario games, Punchout, zelda, etc. and I hope they can add in some awesome RPGs.

Xbox probably will have way more good games though. PS4 also will have way more good games than Wii U. Indie games will also thrive more on those 2 as they use more PC like architecture and just are the more popular machines, same reason 3rd parties are making games for old PS3/Xbox 360 and skipping Wii U(supposed to be next gen) now.

Dude, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But your comments make me laugh. What sort of inside knowledge do you have that allows you to make blanket statements like "Xbox probably will have way more good games though"? You don't know, sir or madam. You just don't know. The other two consoles aren't even out yet and you think you have this entire generation figured out. Your comment makes you seem even more ludicrous in the light of EA's recent gaffe concerning developing games for the Wii U. One day they aren't developing any, then the next they suddenly are again. And you think you can figure out 8+ years worth of games at this moment? You're in over your head.

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