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Spoiler free TL;DR for Luna's post:
Sequel bait

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Ok well that all seems kinda unnecessary though. Really feels like they stuck it on there just to leave the possibility of a sequel open.
And what is the planet supposed to be doing exactly? Controlling the mimeosomes for them?
Also, that kinda undermines the twist where it turns out they'd all really died back on earth and were only there in form of data. Which I thought was cool. But given that end sequence, they might as well have just ditched that part and said that their bodies were on board but all died in the crash. Giving the same "so how are we still alive?" ending.
Feels like it was a business decision rather than a story decision. Someone from Nintendo told them to leave it open for a sequel in case it sold well, or something like that.

Anyway, all of that post-credits stuff aside, I actually liked the plot for this story more than for the first Xenoblade.
The first Xenoblade had better characters and the much longer main story made it feel more epic than this game did (the most uneven thing about this game is how much bigger the world is than the actual story, there's a big mismatch there) But that ending aside, this story was better constructed. It didn't rely on random magical explanations for things and felt much more real.
In Xenoblade 2, they really need to combine the best of both of these games. The complete open world of X mixed with the epic narrative and character development of the first Xenoblade. Then the far superior sidequests of X.
Slap all of that together and you'll have something awesome.

Oh and something more people need to point out about this developer is how insanely good they are at making dramatic cutscenes.

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I think the main point its related to what Lao tells you in Chapter 11 and then Doug, before chapter 12 - what makes you human? Some believe it is your "soul", which cannot be copied in a mimiosome. Some, like Elma, believe it is merely your way of thinking, your thoughs, so if you copy that you're alive and all human. The characters of XCX survived - but it goes deeper than just living. How are you living? As a human being, or as a pale copy of the original, a construct like the Ganglion were?

The philosophical implications for a sequel are quite strong, if you think about it, and right on Takahashi's record with Xenosaga and Xenogears.

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All of that's still there without the post-credits stuff though.

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I finally did something that I had been putting off for ages. I got round to playing and beating Xenoblade Chronicles (New 3DS version). I'm now a) exhausted and b) tempted by Xenoblade Chronicles X, but, even though it looks like one of the most incredible games I've ever seen, I've heard it's quite different. So, based on what I liked and disliked about XC, would you recommend XCX?

What I liked:
The story, characters and setting.
The battle system is fun (once you get your head around some of the more confusing aspects of it).
Handy things like: Saving anywhere. EXP share. Keeping EXP when you die. Restarting fairly close to where you died. Not having to go back to quest givers to complete most side quests. Knowing where to go next. Fast travel, etc.

What I didn't like:
A bit too long (I know XCX is as long, if not longer)
A bit too cluttered and complicated (from what I've seen of some of the baffling looking menu screens, it seems XCX may have taken this even further. "Less is more" is clearly not a philosophy that Monolith Soft agrees with...)
A couple of harsh difficulty spikes. But then, I enjoyed the battle system, so I found level grinding for these bits to be fairly tolerable.

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Forget about story and characters. Or at least don't consider them too much. The setting is the real deal. The protagonist of the game is Mira, its beautiful zones and the possibility of exploring it all, both on feet and with a skell, a fantastic experience in the game. If story is what you search i would not suggest XCX. If you can pass on it and you can be curious to explore and know every detail of this huge and wonderful world this is the game for you. The gameplay is another aspect that took a nice step forward in XCX. Thanks to skells and some advanced features it is a nice (even if little) step forward. I loved XC and i loved XCX too.


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I think you'll probably like it yeah.

It's still fairly similar in a lot of ways. The main difference is just that it's completely open world and is a bit less narrative driven. The characters aren't as good as the original but I did really like the story and the world is equally as incredible.

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Yeah i really loved the story too, even if i said that it's not the "most important thing" in the game. What i meant is that, like @Dezzy said, it's more open world than story driven. You'll spend most of the time by doing things "Mira related" rather than main missions. By the way the thing i liked the most in the story is the final twist. I hope they do a sequel on Switch in the future


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Lol as I said a few pages back, I found the final twist to be kind of silly and pointless. You can completely ignore it and the story works great without it.
In fact I think the final twist kinda undermined the earlier twist that I thought was cool (the fact that they were inside the core in digital backup format. Once you learn that Mira has somehow kept them alive anyway, you might as well have ignored the fact that they were only digital and just said their bodies were on board but had all died. Mira could have kept them alive under that story too.)

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I didn't think much of XCX's story or characters, much prefering XC's.

Didn't stop me from putting in 215+ hrs for my initial playthrough and dubbing it my best game of 2015 and 2016 and all time favourite Wii U title.

But damn do I desire a sequel. I hate open endings.

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Short comparison how I personally feel about Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Xeno 1 was story driven, but very fantasy-like. Xeno X feels more realistic and that made it so much more immersive to me, like, really crashlanding, surviving and exploring on another planet and being part of an ecosystem, creating your own destiny instead of following a predetermined path. Even though there's less main story, I was amazed by XenoX unique twists while Xeno1 left me confused at times.


XenoX is openworld and looks fantastic, the sidequests don't feel as repetitive as in Xeno1, and the map system is excellent and something that's never been done before. Map resource management is almost like having a second game running independently on the GamePad, which is crazy! I already know I'm going to miss this ingenious feature in Xeno2. Also, halfway through XenoX you get a Skell and this added a whole new dimension to the game which my spoiledbrat gamersoul found super impressive.
However, gameplay in XenoX may feel a tad overwhelming if you had not played Xeno1 before, due to deeper battle systems and so much more to customize and try, online modes, etc.


Xeno1 had a good cast, though some may argue that a lot of them are cringeworthy they're still better than most RPG characters. However, making your own character in XenoX is like being personally involved rather than just playing with some predefined characters. XenoX has more playable characters (18 instead of 7) and you can have 4 with you, leveling up at the same time (instead of 3). Yeah, in Xeno1 all characters are important to drive the story forward and in XenoX it's just a handful. However XenoX characters feel more independent doing their own thing which I also like. Also, XenoX affinity missions are a huge improvement compared to Xeno1's affinity improving locations.


Xeno1 is a masterpiece in that regard. XenoX style is different, more modern, but man, I love so many tracks in both games, I could never say one is better than the other.


Well, there's so much to do in both games, and the closer you come to 100% the more grindy they get. But if you get to that point you already have doubled and tripled your moneys worth.

Comparison Conclusion

With XenoX it feels like the devs took everything what made the first game great, and made them better, while improving or dropping the few things that people didn't like in Xeno1.

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