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Topic: Wow, you guys weren't kidding.

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joker94 wrote:

My wii looks fine on my hd screen. Except for the vc games. They are very pixelated..

The pixelated look is part of the charm imo

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Well I have no room for a CRT in my room, it's kinda small and I ran out of deskspace the way it is. Maybe I can bring another desk in though and get a CRT and have a desk dedicated to retro gaming, lol. Could put my SNES, N64, GameCube, and Wii all over there. :D

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WaveBoy wrote:

SteveW wrote:

Are you using component cables for the Wii and going into the Wii settings and changing it to be 480p and widescreen? that made a big difference for me. I can't believe how many people are using composite cables on their Wii with HDTVs...

That, and i can't believe how many people are playing their wii games in 16:9. Looks soft/blurry and dull incomparison to the native and super/crisp & clear 4:3.

I've heard that before and the quality of widescreen and 4:3 look identical on my TV. It may be since I have a DLP instead of LCD.




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Not all LCD TV's are created equal. Some models (not brands!) are excellent for gaming, others not so much.

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