Topic: Would you want to see Snake return again in Super Smash Bros.?

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CaviarMeths wrote:

Snake is the most awkward and out-of-place character in the franchise history.

Which is exactly why he should return. Honestly, my favorite Smash characters are always the quirkier ones: R.O.B., Game & Watch, Wii Fit Trainer...



I never used or cared for him, so...meh. Rather have another 3rd party guest show up.

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I'm surprised so many ppl aren't MGS fans >_>. I know this is a Nintendo focused site, but still...

Dreamz wrote:

I'm not sure I follow this thread. A soldier/spy character doesn't belong in a lineup consisting of plumbers, dinosaurs, princesses, swordsmen, warlocks, racecar drivers, anthropomorphic animals, children, space bounty hunters, robots, and a variety of miscellaneous monsters?


Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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If I can choose between Snake and Agumon, Agumon all the way.

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@Blast oh, I see. That's kind of unfortunate I guess. @MAN1AC I wasn't really interested in MGS until after smash bros., I downloaded a demo of MGS4 and MGS 3D and enjoyed them. I should probably purchase 4 sometime...

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