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Topic: Would you buy a Wii U Simpsons Lego game?

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Depends entirely on how they go about putting together the pieces (hah),

Lego City: Undercover was a grand LEGO excursion into the realm of open-world adventure games, where the exploration vastly out-numbered the actual gameplay missions. And from a personal standpoint the generic gameplay missions were actually the core downfall of the game. And many hours were drowned in the exploration of that game. So I would certainly adore the possibility of once more entering an open-world LEGO realm, only this time within the confinements of Springfield, and the many locations that surround and inhabit it. And Co-Op/Local Multiplayer would certainly be appreciated to for that matter

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FishieFish wrote:

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@SheldonRandoms: Who's Fred Rechid?

The generic green fish that shouts "MY LEG!".

Really. Huh didn't know he had a name.

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I see no reason not to get it, I only buy the Lego games depending on if I actually like the franchise so Lego Harry Potter & Lord Of The Rings no and Lego Batman & Indiana Jones yes.

I wouldn't take them releasing a Lego set as a Lego game will follow though as SpongeBob SquarePants, Ben 10 and Disney never got games.

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