Topic: Would you buy a Wii U Simpsons Lego game?

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Simpsons Lego toys are coming out, high chance of a game to follow. Would you be interested in Simpson Lego games?

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Of course not

Just joking... It really depends. I'm not a big fan of Lego games.


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I have the Lego Star Wars trilogy for DS. It was an ok game, but it dragged on. ...and there's only so much you can do with legos anyway. I'd rather see a port of the PS3 game, personally (but it's published by EA, so...).

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What about a Blockoland game?


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if it was good, but with both lego and simpsons you never really know what to expect.

put it on.


Not a chance. After the 20fps glitchfest known as Lego Marvel Superheroes, I'm finished with Lego games.



Would love it to have elements of the Gamecube games Simpsons Hit and Run and Simpsons Road Rage!

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...if you were to take out the LEGO from that, then yes, that'd be cool...

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Yes i definitely would get this game, I haven't found a LEGO game yet which I haven't enjoyed.




I love The Simpsons (I have all seasons available from Seasons 1-16 and 20) to at different times having a copy of The Simpsons: Hit and Run for all 3 consoles. If this does happen, it be my first Lego game. I'm still hoping that more Simpsons games (generally-speaking) get made. The Simpsons game was all right, not as great as Hit and Run IMO.

But to be honest, if a Simpsons Lego game does get made, it be probably be multi platform which means i would (by default) choose the Playstation 4 version over the Wii U version. But who knows, i might buy two copies, one at the time of release, and another when cheaper.

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I agree that I would rather have a Simpsons game rather than a Lego Simpsons game. I also enjoy Hit & Run very much.


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Here they are in Lego form. Everything looks good, except for some of their faces, the first four seem board. Also Homer, Marge and Ned should be wearing their everyday normal clothes, though with later sets, they will probably fix that.

As for a game, sure, why not. (Also Lego Spongebob game please. When they make that, i'll spam their facebook page to get Fred Rechid in that game.......if they ever make it that is).

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I would at least rent the game but I would get it on the PS4 like I did Lego Marvel. I only buy first party games on for the Wii U.

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Depends entirely on how they go about putting together the pieces (hah),

Lego City: Undercover was a grand LEGO excursion into the realm of open-world adventure games, where the exploration vastly out-numbered the actual gameplay missions. And from a personal standpoint the generic gameplay missions were actually the core downfall of the game. And many hours were drowned in the exploration of that game. So I would certainly adore the possibility of once more entering an open-world LEGO realm, only this time within the confinements of Springfield, and the many locations that surround and inhabit it. And Co-Op/Local Multiplayer would certainly be appreciated to for that matter

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