Topic: Would anyone like to buy one of two copies of Nintendo Land?

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Both are like new. I was rage bidding on ebay and didn't think I would win them, since I had lost the 20 previous bids... But that wasn't the case now. I've won three of them. I'm keeping one copy, and want to get rid of the other two. Any takers? PayPal only, I'll cover shipping costs. You can buy one copy for $20, or both for $32.

If this is of any help, here's some eBay reviews from me, just to show that I'm a good guy; (I don't know how I ended up on the eBay motors site, but it seems like it still shows my feedback either way).

(also posted this on Reddit btw, I'm desperate to get these out of here).

Also a picture from my Twitter of the two games, just for further verification.

Would anyone like it?

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Tasuki wrote:

If you are looking to trade, or sell items the thread to do that is here

You might want to post in that thread since thats where everyone goes to trade, sell and buy games around here. Your thread could end up getting buried pretty quickly around here.

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