Topic: Would a Super Sports Bros. title be a big system seller?

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Maybe that wouldn't be the title but the idea is pretty simple and classic Nintendo, something that games like Mario Strikers have partially captured. The usual cast of Nintendo characters square off and occasionally team up in athletic competitions that aren't just the conventional games like basketball, soccer and football.

I'm thinking Dodgeball, Racquetball, Capture the Flag, Rock Climbing, Archery, Obstacle Course, etc. People REALLY liked Wii Sports. I mean, really, really, so much so that a ton of people bought a Wii just for the game. I think if you combined the fun of some of those activities and the way you have to use the Gamepad/Remotes, they could make a crazy game with power ups and recognizable, popular Nintendo characters that people love to play with!

Anyway, what do you think? Would you buy it?

And if not, what kind of sports game would you have Nintendo develop?

I know there's a market for a Nintendo sports game, just like there is a huge market for any Nintendo fighting game. Nintendo needs to take the chance and worry less about the Miis and more about their great characters.


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No, I wouldn't. Smash Bros is very unique in that it brings a number of Nintendo franchises together into one game. Make more games like that, and Smash Bros. loses it's uniqueness.

Mario Golf, Strikers, and Tennis are good. However, with the lack of EA, Konami or 2K support, I think it would be a good idea if Nintendo created their own sports division. Typical football, basketball, baseball, golf, and maybe even American football games could be made. Nintendo already have boxing and wrestling IP that could be expanded.
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I think it would be sweet with a different name!
but like @LeVideoGamer mentioned it would make Smash Bros. lose the uniqueness, but it wouldn't be as bad as he says Smash Bros. is also known for the high quality, that won't be reduced because of other games.

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It would depend on if it does something other sports games don't.


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I sent in an idea to Nintendo called Mario Office Retreat. It had a similar premise to the OP's with games like Capture the Flag, but there were also team building activities like Trust (fall backwards and have your co-workers catch you) and Telephone (to show you the dangers of office gossip). There was also karaoke.

System seller.

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It might work for baseball, maybe basketball (that would be stretching it).

I wouldn't mind another rendition of football. Atari had Cyberball, which was really cool. Saw that Playstation had Undead Football or something like that? I'd love to see a football game, even if it's not NFL based.



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