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Just a simple short question. Does it come with the physical box or a downloadable code?

I'm a PC player but I'll always have a spot for Nintendo. I grew up as a child as a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and I still love their games. The Legend of Zelda still gives me the magic feeling I had when I was a kid. :)



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Sadly only digital indeed. Even Hyrule Historia will be digital if I'm not mistaken. I hope they sell the special Gamepad separately when 2 pads are supported, but I hardly even doubt they won't.

Another question, if I may be so free to ask it here instead of opening a new topic.

Does anyone know anything about the possible gold-foil box? Is it preorder only? Available in Europe? Does the Limited Edition with the Ganondorf figure also count as preorder? It seems it comes with the regular blue box, but I want GOLD!


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It's a shame, but it will be a digital download.

A question I have (even though I will be buying the bundle regardless) is since it is the premium Wii U, will it come with Nintendoland like it does at the moment?
Would be awesome if it does, would save me buying that too!




Anyone know how limited the console edition will be? I can't imagine it will be as limited as the 3DS bundles or will it?



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