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Shark Island should be way more difficult this time and have more enemies than before.

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I suspect they might. Someone on another site (or was it here? Can't remember) said that it'd be good to put in a quick option to change the wind direction and switch between using and not using the sail. That seems very possible.

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Aviator wrote:

Yeah! Let's encourage Nintendo not making any new Zelda games by keep on releasing old ones!


I'm sure this has been settled already, but Nintendo has, like, 7+ development teams under its belt. A remake probably isn't gonna take away from a new Game, it's just gonna give them money and necessary experience that'll help them along the way to the new game's release.

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Gamesradar says the HD screens don't look as cel-shaded as the original. I think I can see what they mean. I'm excited to try out the finished game for myself either way.

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CapnPancakez wrote:

Anyone feel like when they said they would "improve the gameplay" and do a few little tweaks it was because of the sailing? IIRC that was a lot of people's biggest problem (besides the art style >.>) so they could make it faster or something.

I was never bothered by the sailing (in fact, it was always one of my favorite parts in the game), though the having to change the wind and watch an unskipable cutscene just to sail in a certain direction got annoying after awhile. It especialy gets annoying when you are required to change the wind very often at certain parts in the game.


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Oh, so this is more of a HD remake than just a mere HD remaster? I see, so this is essentially what Nintendo did by releasing Ocarina of Time. Well crap, I may have to get this after all...

However, it's not going to be the main reason that I eventually buy a Wii U.

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I don't know if it's just me and I'll be hanged for this but....going off the current screenshots...

This game looks better on the GameCube. The cel-shading is more prominent there and it just look so gorgeous. With the Wii U one it really screams "Graphics! We need beautiful graphics to the maaaax!" and the GameCube version has a simple beauty and looks timeless.
I really don't think this needs a remake anymore.

That said the HD screenshots DO look friggin' beautiful. I'll probably even end up buying this. I just prefer the original look. Right now anyways.


I think the problem is we see nothing in motion. In the screenshot Link and Tetra look like lifeless dolls more than anything.

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@Retro, I'm right there with you. Maybe its just me not adjusting yet, but what we've seen looks over-saturated, over-contrasted, and just looks almost too high quality for my taste.

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Why is Tetra on Windfall Island?

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@LZ, that might just be for visual purposes, but who knows :3

@Retro, my thoughts exactly, but as @kkslider said, perhaps we need to see it in motion first before we pass final judgement.

...I'll still get this anyways.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

So in the end this was the general reaction:

actually.... it would be more appropriate if you did it this way.....

New games for the Wii U. It's an Epic Yarn style Yoshi and some games you knew we were working on
Also Wind Waker HD

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@skywake, actually that second reaction would be very accurate of me when Yarn Yoshi was announced ;_;

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I never got to experience Wind Waker when it first came out (wasn't much of a Zelda fan), so this is a great opportunity for me. Hopefully we'll see more HD remakes in the future.


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Emaan wrote:

@Retro, I'm right there with you. Maybe its just me not adjusting yet, but what we've seen looks over-saturated, over-contrasted, and just looks almost too high quality for my taste.

Is there such a thing as "too" high quality?

This looks great. They would have to significantly enhance the graphics over the Gamecube original since keeping the classic look even in HD would not look that enhanced. So they may as well have just port it to Virtual Console if they wanted to keep the original look.

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So... is the official title Wind Waker Reborn? Because that's what I've heard...

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cornishlee wrote:

So, do I get this, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword first?

Look's like it's Skyward Sword. Currently £15 at

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