Topic: Will you get the Deluxe, Basic, or ZombieU(EU only) Wii U bundle?

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I want the Deluxe mainly for the 32 GB storage, and I also like that it's black. Seems a little strange to include Nintendo Land with what is probably meant to be the more hard-core system, but whatever, a lot of parents will probably end up buying it for their kids just for the bundled game. I doubt many people will want the Basic model.

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Deluxe but wish there was some news in the USA about a ZombiU bundle.

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I'm still debating about getting either pack, but probably the Deluxe pack if I decide to buy a Wii U.



The basic one, because I refuse to be forced into buying a console colour I don't want (cheers Nintendo)

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I'd get the Deluxe, but it's black...and i hate black, unless you're a Genesis. lol
White looks more fresh, clean and whimsical. Basic it tis!

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I think I'll go for the cheaper one later on down the road. Gonna get an HD TV first and wait for some must-play games to appear.

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$429.95 for the Premium Pack in Australia, I'm very pleased with that.
I have $598 on my preorder of the system, so that means I can basically afford another couple of games already.


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Deluxe Edition for me. I wished and hoped that the Black console would be out same time with the white and with 32GB I'm sold.
Gotta start saving now.

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With the deluxe, I can get a NES game with every full game I buy, sweet!



skywake wrote:

zezhyrule wrote:

Whichever one has more than 8GB, because that's an effing joke.

Yeah, I'm going to go buy an eternal hard drive because nintendo wasn't smart enough to put enough data storage on their console for anything. Seriously, I continuously have to delete stuff on my 120GB PS3 to make room for more games. I imagine lots of people have more GBs than even the deluxe bundle on their cell phones.

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This about sums it up:

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