Topic: Will Wii U take off this winter season?

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I've also read/seen some reviews of Rayman Legends where they do say the ideal version to own is the Wii U's, if only for the added capabilities in multiplayer. It may be small, but I feel that familiar tingling of a turnaround in the air lol



You know, I was wondering why they didn't just do this sooner? Like at E3 where everyone would have seen it in theory. I mean, nothing Nintendo could have done could have possibly topped the reaction to Sony but people weren't too excited for Nintendo at an E3 that was otherwise shockingly exciting again, so it could have helped. Like seriously, when you have hardcore Nintendo fans questioning their choices at E3, something didn't work. But, now''s the other best time. PAX is this weekend.. PAX has become a pretty big deal and Nintendo's apparently bringing their A-game to it, plus selling a game technically not available in America for a couple of weeks too. They had this crazy 2DS idea that is now the biggest talk of gaming for the wtf factor and now everyone's attention is on Wii U...and at the same time here's a price drop for that new console and release dates for the games you care about. Smart move basically. Also the focus on PAX fits their "bring E3 to the public" idea, as that's practically what PAX is. I appreciate their consistency to this. intentional or otherwise (even if they are lying liars about the price drop, but that's not exactly a bad thing).

Like, I was assuming they were gonna plan some big announcement soon to get people hyped about the system again, but it's good to see Nintendo is actually working with the major events instead of trying way too hard to only focus on their own stuff (Nintendo Directs are awesome, but aren't popular enough yet to compete with a PAX at all)

I have to assume this is to even things out from the dumb decision to trust youtube to protect their copyrights.

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I don't think the timing is that much of a big deal. The important thing is that they get the "settings right" before the holidays not necessarily when all of the eyes are on you. A sales bump when the console market is at the lowest point of the year isn't worth much. Look at VGCharts, weekly sales between May and September sales are about 1/5th of the sales during November & December. So I think this is a good move and the timing is good.

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