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I know, I read that. The ones they specifically mention are way out of my price range.


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I have the same exact one. I have never used it (intended to use for comp. back up but never have) so I don't know if it will work for the WiiU. And I probably wont use it for that either so . It's kewt though if that helps you at all.

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Am I wrong or that is an hard drive without its own power source?

I have an external Toshiba hard drive quite similar (even if definitely older, but with more storage, 500 GB) and... it gave me troubles. I attached it with an Y cable, but not sure it's the hard drive or the cable itself, but it's a mess.
It get disconnected time to time and once that caused it to crash; the WiiU was not seeing it anymore and I had to format the HD from the pc (losing all my save datas ;o; ). Even recently it forced me more than once to shut down the WiiU cause the disconnection happened while playing. "Funny fact" the WiiU stop works when the USB device is disconnected, even if the game and datas you are using are not on the HD, but on disc and console >o>;

Sorry, I know that probably my infos are mostly useless, just wanting to warn you that some cheap choices can be risky, especially since the HD you are looking at and mine are very similar being both -plug and play- HD from the same company ^_^;

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I have the same set up as SCAR392 except with a 500 GB HDD instead...because even though I exclusively download games, I don't think I would use 2 TB of memory lol

I also found a y-cable on Amazon for like 50 cents so that's pretty much negligible

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Looking around on Amazon I think this is probably your best option:
Seagate Expansion 1TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0

About the same price, will work without any adapters. Plus if you decide not to use it 1TB of storage with a USB 3.0 compatible interface? That'll be much, much more handy. That said if you can find someone selling smaller desktop drives new for a bit less? Go for that. Portable drives are a pain.

That said I'm currently using a 250GB portable drive I got back ~2007 for my Wii U currently. I was using a 2.5TB desktop drive for a while but was constantly running into trouble. Although I suspect the fail of that desktop drive was because I had it running in a NAS for a couple of years. I took it out because it was starting to fail some of the tests my NAS was running on it. Shock/horror when I put it on my Wii U it still wasn't 100%.

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Ya, I just figured if I got a 2TB, which is Wii U's max, I wouldn't have to bother with even thinking about getting a hard drive; for the foreseeable future.

I chose this particular drive, because of the shock sensors. It's alot more expensive to get a "drop proof" drive. I figured better safe than sorry, even though I didn't originally mean to get this drive... The desktop version messed up on me, so I replaced it under warranty. Toshiba gave me $30 extra for inconvenience, so I ended up throwing more cash torwards this version.

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I will always recommend the Toshiba Canvio. Try to buy one that is not greater than 2TB because the Wii U will not recognize or store any thing past 2TB
Even if you get 3 or 4 or higher TB the Wii U will only store data up to 2TB and you will loose any extra space. Switching the drive to another Wii U will erase whatever you have stored in it,so any games or information is in the drive will on read on that one Wii U only.

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm going to give the Canvio a shot. Then maybe I can download Child of Light.

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