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Topic: Will the wii u get rid of most of the nintendo franchises?

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kurtbro900 wrote:

Chrono_Cross wrote:

They've been reviving a lot of things lately.

Besides Kid Icarus, what else in the past two years have they revived?

If you count the last 3 years then Punch out, Sin and Punishment, and Donkey Kong country. So, not much.

Not to mention a new Pikmin game, a new Punch Out on the Wii, New Super Mario Bros. on the DS was the first side scrolling platformer they'd made in a while at the time of release, and it's worth noting that they've been in the habit of renewing older games for the current setting. For instance, Ocarina of Time is a much more relevant game in its 3D form.

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The only reason they showed so many 3rd party titles was because they had footage available from the PS3 and Xbox versions. Nintendo will never abandon their franchises. It is their unique selling point

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