Topic: Will scalpers ruin Amiibo?

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unrandomsam wrote:

iKhan wrote:

The only time Scalpers DO do something wrong is when they buy up an enormity of a product line just for the sake of artificially limiting supply.

Which is the only way for what they are doing to work.

Doesn't make much difference whether it is 1 or 1000 people doing it.

No, it's not, and no it does make a difference.

Amiibos originally went for high prices because they were limited. There was a single print, and a lot of people want them. Scalpers sell them for high prices because the demand created a high market price.

And yes, whether 1 scalper buys 1000 amiibos or 1000 scalpers buy one Amiibo DOES make a difference, because the intentions are different in both cases. In the first case, the scalper is deliberately contributing substantially to the limited supply. In the latter, each of the 1000 people are just trying to make a quick buck off of a naturally generated high price.

Also, when multiple people do it, there is far more competition for the price (which drops it), and there are more chances to get it at the MSRP as all 1000 aren't buying them at once.

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I should have said makes no difference to me (As someone who won't pay more than RRP for anything).

Only time I would buy from them is if they were selling for less than RRP.

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We will get amiibo cards eventually, so I don't think we all will miss out on the functionality of Amiibo just because greedy people are keeping them all for themselves.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Squid wrote:

No, they can't "ruin" amiibo, but Nintendo is threatening their availability by not resupplying them.

Except they are resupplying them. Granted they are not widely available everywhere like everyone wants

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