Topic: Will Nintendo make prepaid cards to purchase contents on Wii U?

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I have been asking myself for a while. Wii U will be launched in about 2 months, and there will be eShop. The question is: since Playstation made an option to purchase games and contents using prepaid card, will Nintendo do the same? because I will buy Wii U (NA version), and my credit card won't work where I live (Kuwait).

Thanks in advance.

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They have had "Wii Points" and "Nintendo Points" and "eShop Credit" cards since the Wii launched. I'm sure they'll continue it with the Wii U.....

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They had, but they are pretty hard to find, at least in EU. In my city you can buy as many XBL or PSN cards as you want, but not a single Nintendo one.



Most likely, yeah. Otherwise no one will buy online schtuff. :3

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I'd imagine so. The Wii, DSi, and 3DS had it. If they just cut that off for the Wii U, Nintendo would actually be taking a step backward in the online department.

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