Topic: Will early releases make you go digital?

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Resale and generally lower prices are the only valid reasons I see to opt for physical copies. The lack of account purchasing is an issue too, but I think it's often blown way out of proportion, especially with regards to a home console that is far less likely to break or be stolen/become lost.

Personally, I think a move to digital purchasing is a necessary transition that we should be eager to expedite. The internet has made physical retailers completely redundant and even detrimental to the ultimate health of the industry. They are a middle man trying to suck their own profit out of the process, asking consumers to pay more or producers to take less. I'd much rather my money go directly to Nintendo, Valve, Platinum or whoever else than Walmart, Best Buy, or Game Stop who don't serve as necessary a purpose in this industry as they once did. I understand that the real problem is hardware. Nintendo and other would be more aggressive if they didn't still need retailers to sell hardware.


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Buy an external hard drive for more space.



If it comes out early and for a reasonable price then I'll be there an do it. But I wont if they overcharge like they do with most of there digital releases


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I'm already planning to go all digital. I need to see Nintendo bring out sales of their own games on the eshop.


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absolutely not. Retail is always more affordable and their account system is a mess. The only digital platform I fully support is GOG.



Nope. I like the feeling of being able to tear (not literally) into a brand new game. I also like to shelf the game after completing it. Gives a kind of closure to me. Besides, I'm usually able to wait a while for a game. Only one recently I couldn't wait for was rayman legends

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