Topic: Will early releases make you go digital?

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I almost never buy games at launch. Unless its something I'm really excited for like Pokemon, a new 3D Zelda or Smash Bros, I wait for the price to go down before I buy. I have only bought one retail download in my whole life (Luigi's Mansion 2), and I do regret it.

That being said, I might get the Wind Waker Wii U bundle the day it comes out...

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No , as others have said until we get an account system rather then being directly tied to the console .

The only exception to this rule is Wind Waker as i have a habbit of selling zelda games and dont wish to do that this time around.

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Depends on the game and my budget around the time. I can wait 2 weeks if there are other preorder bonuses or if there is a discount to buy physical.

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I don't know how many people would wait for something like Smash Bros if that gets an early digital release

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@Warruz: I'm with you on that. I tend to sell Zelda games because the trade value stays high for quite some time. One day, I will want it back. Wind Waker is kind of a special case for me as I was going to pre order it for my birthday and then they decide to digitally release it much closer. The Ganandorf figurine looks cool but honestly those things always end up in the closet for me.


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No,I like to have a physical relationship with my games,rather than a digital one.

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No change - I still strongly prefer physical copies of games outside of a few rare circumstances.

The only effect this has on me is making buying games "day 1" even less likely, since they hype associated with an early physical release has been lost. Since I rarely buy games immediately at release now that doesn't matter much though.


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I don't mind being all digital on the 3DS since the convenience of having all my games together outweigh the lack-of account system.

On the WiiU, I'd rather buy physical copies. Even if that means waiting 2 weeks longer and paying more.

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Same here... I prefer a physical copy that I can hold. Having it earlier than the rest doen't bother me either, I can wait.


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No. I still prefer having the actual boxes for the games and the feeling of coming home from the shops with a new video game, as well as the ability to resell it later if necssary. No early releases will change this.

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CM30 wrote:

No. I still prefer having the actual boxes for the games and the feeling of coming home from the shops with a new video game, as well as the ability to resell it later if necssary. No early releases will change this.

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Unless it's by like 2 weeks, heck no.

Did you buy New Super Luigi U as a disc?

That was out for almost 2 months prior, and I saw that people still opt. for the disc.

The booklet and case don't matter that much to me. All I care about is whether the game shows up on my HDTV, and if having the download version makes that somewhat more convenient and fluid, then I'm all for it.

DRM isn't really an issue. It's not as good as it could be, but sometimes there's a trade off some are not willing to make.
If DRM was improved beyond the "freedom" that discs offer, people would still probably want discs even if at that point discs were obsolete.

Just like cartridges. Some people still want the cartridge versions of games even though the cheaper, more convenient, enhanced, and overall better digital version is on the eShop.

VC is probably the best example in the history of media how digital can generally improve the way media is played, recorded, handled, etc.

Going from cartridges to discs was no doubt an improvement as well, but the files on any format ultimately are always digital. HDDs can technically be better, because your putting alot more resources and thought into a memory device that will potential take place of 100s or 1000s of discs or other memory files.


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I'm all digital with my consoles and PC, but I can admit that I'm at a point in my life where the convenience means more for me. If I were 10 years younger, I'd still get discs, hands down. With discs you can borrow from friends, bring them from house to house, and possibly trade back in if that's your thing. You can usually find better prices for physical discs (only on consoles - nothing beats Steam lol), as well.

But like I said, I'm older now and I'd much rather pay a bit more for the convenience of having all of my games at the touch of a button. Sure, I can't trade them in or rent them out to friends, but I don't really do that stuff at this point in my life anyway, you know? So the fact that a few titles are coming out earlier in digital form is kind of a bonus for a guy like me!



No.. No ..and Hell No.. if I do not have a disc in my paws.. there better be a far better reason than a early release.. (Like Rumble U.. it's the only way I can get it) other then that I am a retail kind of 'mon..

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I've gone completely digital on Wii U so I just buy them when they are released on the eshop


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BTW, there technically IS already an account system. You just can't activate your account on any other console besides the original console it was bought on until they implement all the features they're going to.
It wouldn't make sense for Nintendo to go all out on DRM until their account system includes the 3DS, because otherwise it would be changing constantly. It's better to just change it all at once.

When the final OS happens, I'm pretty sure every complaint about digital and online will be null for the most part.


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I would go all digital but I need to think of a new creative username. Gonna stop using this one so I'm not buying any games with it at the moment.

I'm a PC player but I'll always have a spot for Nintendo. I grew up as a child as a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and I still love their games. The Legend of Zelda still gives me the magic feeling I had when I was a kid. :)


Already went all digital. The only game I have on disc so far is ZombiU, because it came with my Wii U bundle. Nintendo Land was a digital download, however, and I plan to keep downloading from the eShop. It's just more convenient since I'm constantly taking my Wii U to a friend's house! The only other game I may get on disc is New Super Luigi U...mostly because I don't want to buy New Super Mario Bros. U

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