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As you most of you already know, you can link your WiiShop account with your Club Nintendo account. So couldn't Nintendo just grant us the option to link our WiiU WiiShop account with our pre-existing Club Nintendo account, and then allow us to re-download all of the VC and WiiWare titles we've already purchased? Instead of complicating the situation, and forcing us to physically transfer our previously purchased WiiShop content onto the WiiU. This would allow Wii console owners to sell or trade their Wii console in towards the cost of the WiiU, if they so wished to do so. This is the most customer friendly option I could devise, but what do the rest of my fellow NintendoLife members think?

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I don't know. Let's wait and find out.

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Chrono_Cross wrote:

I don't know. Let's wait and find out.


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Nintendo would never make a smart move such as that, hence they don't know how and they just don't care, this way more money for them.

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They will likely have the same setup as they did for transferring from DSi to 3DS since not every Wii owner has a Club Nintendo account.

On the other hand, the Wii U will support user accounts. We just do not know if these accounts will tie into Club Nintendo or not. If the Wii U uses Club Nintendo as the base of its account systems, then it would be plausible for Nintendo to use Club Nintendo to transfer the games. They just need to find a way to make the games unplayable on the Wii after transferring to Wii U.


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@SMW, that's very true, but this option could at least be made available for those that do. Does the Wii console even have the ability to transfer content in that manner? Also, I'm almost positive the WiiU will utilize the same Club Nintendo account. Why would Nintendo create a seperate account just for the WiiU console? That would just be redundant.

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@G4L Iwata's already said Wii U will support user accounts, since more than one person will use the console. Chances are you'll be able to connect your Club Nintendo account to your own account, and while I agree that using CN to redownload titles to Wii U would be a good option, Nintendo would somehow have to "lock in" accounts to prevent people from moving their CN accounts between systems. The best thing to do would be to prevent someone from taking their CN account off their console unless they format the entire system.


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