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Hey everyone.
Just a quick question to all of you who are in luck of already having a WiiU
What controllers (and controller add-ons) are required to play a 3+ player round of, say, Nintendo Land ?
I have my basic Wii controller set ready (2 standart, non WMP remotes + nunchucks + classic controllers and one WMP add-on) but i have heard that you explicitly need the newer Wii remotes with built-in WMP. Is that true ? If thats so, ill need to buy a bunch of remotes beforehand :/

Another question: What use does the new classic controller have, thats also bundled with the ZombiU pack ? I am really really confused by the sheer number of different compatible controllers Is there a good website where i could look up alle the suported controllers per game ?
I really want to be prepared, sit down and have a good time with friends instead of runninhg around, buying new controllers to be able to play some multiplayer


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I believe you can use your old wiimotes with the add-on. The classic controller is probably also supported, the button lay-out is the same. You can probably check on the official game website or on nintendo's site.

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Some NintendoLand games require motion plus for multiplayer and some don't. From what I understand there aren't any games that require the use of the Pro Controller for any feature and the Classic Controller is even less supported. If you want to get the most out of your console given the gear you currently have it's probably worth getting another two WiiMotes with motion plus. If you're fine with three player instead of five player then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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The add-on works fine, you do not need Wii Motion+ built in. For 3-player Nintendo Land gameplay, all you need is two remotes with motion+ and the included gamepad.

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Thank xou all for the replys So, i just need one more WMP remote and im set
But im still curious why the new classic controler is bundled with the ZombiU pack ? I dont think that you can play local multiplayer games when the game relys so heavy on the WiiU controller. I guess its used for multiplayer in games like CoD and Warriors Orochi 3 but man, is it a mess having to have so much controllers O.o


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