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So I came on looking for a thread I'm sure existed about the gamepad freezing. Well it happened to me today! In ZombiU just before I went to save it, it stuck and none of the buttons would work (except the TV one for some reason), not even the touchpad. At first I was really frustrated and didn't know what to do so I tried loads of different things to get it working again. Eventually, I did! How?

If your gamepad ever freezes, simply take it 'out of range' of the WiiU. It will cause the gamepad to disconnect from the WiiU and tell you that you need to take it back within range of the WiiU. Once you do and it reconnects, it should reset itself and you can continue as normal, without having to worry about losing your progress!

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Very clever of you. I must remember that for future use.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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3Dash wrote:

@RedPanda Had this idea a few weeks ago and I tried that, but it didn't work for me.

It could depend on the game you're playing or the reason it freezes. Mine froze as I was moving items from the ZombiU BOB/backpack, and then it just froze. So maybe it only works for games that require use of the gamepad (as opposed to NSMBU for example). Either way, it's worth trying before turning the console off!


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Possibly, or where in the game. For me it froze on Little Inferno, but the game hadn't even really started up yet, it was still on that loading screen that first comes up when you enter a game.

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Good idea, but like 3Dash my freezes have been during the initial game load screen. Thankfully it's been very rare since the last update.

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