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I might get a screen protector for the Wii U. With my experience, it seems pretty solid, so I may not need one...and I hate the things anyway, but I've scratched the hell out of my 3DS, so it might be worth a few dollars to keep the image visible.

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I don't see why it matters if there are scratches on the screen. Does it hamper the gameplay in any way?

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TheKingofTown wrote:

I don't see why it matters if there are scratches on the screen. Does it hamper the gameplay in any way?

i'll go from my dsi experince and say that when you slide on the touchscreen whatever game your playing doing this thing i felt a bump ish feeling *not the word im trying to use at the moment but i'll go with it lol" so it feels like im hitting a rough line scratchy surface along the way

plus i taken measures as for that to never happen again ensuring i get a smooth slipperly ish stylus experince as well as not wear and tearing it, this way i'll never need to send it to nintendo

put a unresponsible young kid into the care of this thing its going to get scratches and messed up in no time



TheKingofTown wrote:

I don't see why it matters if there are scratches on the screen. Does it hamper the gameplay in any way?

Seriously? For one, it doesn't look nearly as nice playing with scratches on the screen, and two, it can reduce the responsiveness of the screen. Maybe after a month or two it won't affect it, but over time it does make a difference. If you don't see why it matters, suit yourself, but for those of us that do, we'd rather use a screen protector than have hampered gameplay. Or pay for repairs if it doesn't work as well in a few years.

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to me i have always hated those darn screen protecters either i end up with air bubbles or dust under it or like finger prints so it pisses me off but i never felt like i needed them though cuz i have tried to keep my stuff mint condition like my DSi xl and my 3Ds xl i actually have more finger print probs at times were i need a cloth thingy to clean it

but anyway for the gamepad i kinda felt more like i really need to get some screen protectors so ugh -_-

i found this one on
amazon that looks good

or this one from gamestop

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I preordered a screen protector, and a nerf case, so I'll run over my gamepad just to be sure. :3

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well there isnt anything on the canadian websites of amazon or ebgames hopfully they will have it at launch but i think for this kind of thing it should come in the box with the system but oh well what can ya do right



I've seen Nerf-type grips that attach to the GamePad. Are you saying you want to remove the faceplate and apply a custom one?

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^^Hori Officially Licensed GamePad Face Cover is great for screen protection

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yeah i wish i had a screen protector now got one of those care packs with the case stylus and screen protector but fully f'd up putting it on and got bubbles all over so i just binned it haha. my bad i suppose.

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put it on.


I would guess that someone will probably manufacture what you're looking for, but it probably won't happen until the console gains popularity. And I would also imagine that most of the replacement models would also have the glossy finish, which is not what you want.

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i don't know how long it will be before you are able to do what you want. the only thing i can think of is a matte skin. i know it's not perfect, but might suffice til different shells become available.

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