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what games do u want to see on wiiU for me will be metroid the legend of zelda ' starfox F-Zero

matthew murdoch alvarado


Yes Zelda would be awesome.

Ninty rules my world.


hm, all of titles mentioned above of course, and a new okami game would be awesome to see on this. i'd also (and yes i realize the chance of this happening is ... zero, pretty much) love to see another instalment of kid icarus. finaly (and at the risk of repeating myself for a third time) super mario universe and (at the risk of another repetition) remember if this actualy happens, i called it!

just a nintendo gamer on a nintendo related site (who wouldve seen that one coming?)
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I fail to see how this topic is relevant to the title of the thread...


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if you'd like to discuss what games you want to see in the Wii U lineup, please feel free to use this thread here. Thank you! :3

future of NL >:3
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