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Since i wanted to try out the new off-TV Wii mode (although i have no idea why they didnt implement emulated controlls for the gamepad. You could easily map any WiiMote combo on that thing, even with gyro controlls and makeshift pointer via touchscreen) and since the application on the WiiU menu that switches to Wii mode requires a TV (need to hit a button with the WiiMote) i wanted to boot directly into Wii mode. The message "booting into Wii Mode" pops up, but no matter how long or short im holding the b button, i always get sent to the user profile log in screen and from there, natuirally, to the WiiU menu.
I cant boot the Wii mode directly no matter what.
Also, i needed to manually initiate the new update. Wasnt it said, that the WiiU would periodicly go online to look for new system / game updates for itself and download / install them automatically ? Neither of that did ever happen. My WIiU always boots into standby mode (orange LED) right after i switched it off, but it never started up on its own.

Am i the only one having these kinds of problems or is it a known issue ?

Also, i hope what i wrote makes sense. I have the fealing that im writing total nonsense today :/ Had a rough workday today and im completely drained, so sorry in advance if my wording is off today.


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You need to hold the B button once the Wii U jingle happens, then the Wii jingle will happen.

Select your user, then it will default to "Tv and GamePad". There's not an issue. You're just not doing it right.

Besides that, the update you just installed is the one that checks periodically, not the one prior. That only allowed the system to download once you shut it off and didn't update something yourself.

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