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ok im hoping here we can talk about all the wii u accessories or maybe you saw something nice at the store that others might not know about and post the pics or something here

but anyway least i saw this today at target Untitled

couldnt rly find info about it online just that small pic tried looking on amazon but no luck seems the name is different depending on the store e.O but at target the box said "protect and play" licensed by nintedo o.o a protective case for the game pad with a built in stand

heres more info on it

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I have a nice, clear case for my GamePad, a Polycarbonate Case by bigben interactive. The case is great! It covers the whole GamePad, so I don't need to worry about it getting messy from my sweaty hands. That's the whole reason I picked it up, and it serves its purpose. I also got a simple accessory kit with a wipe, a large stylus and and a screen protector, basically just for the screen protector, which works great(it's super easy to apply and you can barely tell it's there).

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putting on my screen protector I put it on upsidedown and rubbed the cloth on it to make it stick to the gamepad... now have a cloth covered non sticky screen protector in the bin.

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