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Today I started having a "little" problem with with my Wii Controler Plus on my Wii U. It won't stay connected of rmore than 10 minutes and it interrupts my gameplay! It started when I was playing Skyward Sword and the controler disconnected, a message appeared on the screen, and I had to reconnect it. It didn't so I changed the batteries and it worked again... for a while. Later today, I started to play Pikmin on Nintendoland with someone else, he had the gamepad and I had the Wii Mote. As we were playing the same thing happened. It kept disconnecting multiple times. The same thing happened on the Zelda minigame.
I don't think it is the Wii Mote because there's another problem.

It had already happened like two weeks ago, both my WiiMote Plus and Wii U pro controler would not connect. They were both synced to the console. I turned off the console and tried again, and it worked. The bad thing is that it happened today.

Just to clarify there isn't any kind of interference between the controlers and the console,I'm right in front of it.

The gampad worksperfectly and everything else in the console.



samething happen to me try plugging and unplugging the sensor bar(or get a new one if its old) and contact nintendo. hopes this helps

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Sensor bar wouldn't at all cause those issues... you may be stuck calling Nintendo.



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