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Well, if your gonna decide NOW, I would go get a Wii U over anything if you can get one. As a side note, you can get a PS Vita and get all the games they released on PS Plus this last Tuesday, which included Uncharted, Wipeout, and 3 others, so if you get that and PS Plus card, you'll already have over $100 worth of games. I still prefer 3DS over PS Vita, but it's really up to you. Just do more research on the consoles your considering, what services and features are available, and come back to tell us what you chose. Haha.


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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

The Wii U deluxe doesn't come with at least one Wiimote + Nunchuck? Dang, I don't have any. How much do they usually go for? I'd like to try out multiplayer on day one if I go for it Christmas.

$40 for the Wimote and $20 for the nunchuk.

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SonyFACE wrote:

@Skywake there's alsO something called buying more than one console. It's definitely not for everyone but if you do it you cam get the best of both worlds, like Sony exclusives and Nintendo creative hardware/ games. And I don't like gaming pcs because they're very expensive and there is no such thing as first party support or local multiplayer. I love my Wii u but I think there's a chance the other consoles will be stronger, like it or not. And when I said best I should've said better,sorry

You can also split your gaming between PC and a console so the mutli-console argument is a moot point. Besides your original argument was that people should wait for the PS4/720 instead of getting a Wii U so the implication was that this wasn't an argument for multiple console ownership.

As for first party support on the PC you're kinda right. However there are these two companies called Valve and Blizzard who make up for that. Just a little bit. The cost is also a non-point because you're likely using a PC anyway. Plus as I said it's probably something around $850AU for what will be equivalent or better than the PS4/720 when they launch six months or more from now. By the time those consoles launch, and remember that the PS3 launched at $700-1000AU, you could be paying something closer to ~$650 for the PC equivalent. So don't pretend PC gaming is expensive. You can play Assassin's Creed 3 at 360 level visuals on a six year old PC if you really, really wanted to.

And local multiplayer? Cool. Good point, that's what consoles are all about. However most of the "high end visuals" arguments are centred around the same sort of online multiplayer or single player games that work just as well on the PC. So local multiplayer games which need to be more visually impressive that aren't Mario Kart or Smash Bros? That is definitely a small little niche where the PS4/720 could well be the best system for the job. Not really reason enough to skip the Wii U and wait for the PS4/720 though.

Reasons to wait? If you're really, really into Sony/MS exclusives and won't be getting more than one system. Otherwise the Wii U seems like a good idea if you're into Nintendo games and want the most powerful console currently out. If you want "true next gen" visuals now or even after the PS4/720 are out then you should get into PC gaming instead because it will always be one step ahead even if you don't go for the high end.

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Ok I'm getting the black wii u in june only because it has a bit more to offer for 50 dollars more plus I was already going to buy nintendoland so if I buy the the black wii u I can get the game with it. Defently not fond of the color mainly because pink is my favorite color & my second favorite color is red. Oh well.

Thank's everybody!


Lol sony's console's are ok like the PS1, & PS2 can't say for PS3 because don't own a PS3. But sony's handhelds like the PSP, etc they suck. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to play one of there handhelds again. Sorry the sony's handhelds are just plain awful though especially in the controls area on there handhelds.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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You reminded me of something, Barbie.

I had the PSP long before I got a beat-up broken DS phat that I repaired.

I had more fun - you know, that thing that games are supposed to be - with that DS and it's poxy small dim (3rd party parts) screen than I did with my swanky PSP Slim.

I sold the PSP and bought a 3DS - and I still only have one 3d title, the rest are all regular DS carts.


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Definitely worth it. It still has "new console bugs" that need working out, but they haven't ruined my experience.

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Yes its worth it. Every Nintendo console is worth it.



I threw my original phat DS down the stairs once. Hope that helps... I would play a Sony handheld for a million dollars Barbie, but only fo a minute. Haha. My family just always likes Nintendo over the other game consoles all the time, and Nintendo games are the only ones they will ever play with me... My brother still bugs me to play Pokemon Puzzle Leage all day, everyday though. Boy, Nintendo sure got a bunch of naive children to buy that game by putting Pokemon on the front...


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