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Demonic wrote:

I wanted to see a Wii 2, better motion control, way more power to stop the dumbed down third-party titles, etc. Instead most are still baffled as to what this think actually is, and lots of people thought that the controller was an add-on to the Wii! It felt like a poor, rushed presentation that left more question than answers, and not in the intriguing way. I really hope that time changes all of this, but I'm really disappointed in what I've seen.

All of this basically, the only thing they showcased was pretty much the controller and you only got a small glimpse of the actual console when it was sitting in the corner tucked away and to be honest it looked like a Wii so I thought it was just a brand new controller for the Wii... wrong.

If they showed us what it could do then I'd be happy, but instead we get a half-arsed presentation and a "deep" look into the controller, I mean how will it work? How will it be incorporated? Will developers still incorporate the Wii remote? What does it do? How much is it going to be? I'm still baffled by Nintendo's E3, nothing spectacular for Skyward Sword, same for everything really.

I felt very disappointed when it was pretty much what the 3DS has to offer, their in the final phases for Skyward Sword, Wii U being released next year. I mean, where's the gameplay? Where's the talk about what's coming to Wii and 3DS? We got nothing pretty much.

True true but lets not forget that the 3DS was just released not long before E3 and NIntendo needed to show more of what the 3DS could offer also the Wii U announcement was because of leaks.



So, let it be the worst name for a console ever, but just wait if it sells.

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Maybe it's just a name and people need to get over it? Honestly, some of the posts on this thread baffle me.

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I originally hated the name,but now i have grown accustomed to it.

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look how the name wii turned out we all thought it was rediculous. but it grew on us. i have a feeling this is going to be the same thing

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I'm sure someone mentioned, but I'm going to go through an additional 10 pages.

In my books, "Wii-U", is much better than "Nintendo-64" which could easily be nominated for the worst name.
They just slapped some numbers onto their company name.

I don't concern myself with names though. Super Mario 3D land was awkward to say, but fun to play.

Who cares what they call it, as long as it's fun.

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


I still think Wii is rediculous and people never really did stop making fun of it (and really shouldn't either).

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I love the name. For the most part all console names are stupid. Wii U let's consumers know its different than the Wii, and that's all it needs.

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Even after many moons have passed I still think that Wii U is the worst system name in history.

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Ehhh, I'd still say XBOX and the XBOX 360 are the worst console names known to man, but Wii U no doubty' is right behind them. Nintendo should of resurrected the name "Neptune' from Sega's attempt at combining the Sega CD & 32 X into one console. Nintendo Neptune Ahhhh, how sweet it tis' Still, I'd opt for WiiDream.

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@Waveboy: I think Neptune and WiiDream would be much better!

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I think they should have used the Revolution name from the Wiis development name.

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Nope, SNES is the worst name

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Well he has a point, it was a really long name and the shortened version doesn't incite awesomeness. However "Wii U" is just awful... police siren much?

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There was a rumor a while back(proved wrong) that the Wii U was going to be renamed the Wii Entertainment System. BLECH. Yeah, there could've been wose names. But I think the Wii U correctly conveys a more personal expirience, like intended. I think that for now, it's fine. But I won't show so much mercy if there is another Wii. Nintendo needs something that doesn't say "family," but HAS family games. A mixture, if you will.

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It is a little more original than, Playstation....Playstation 2...Playstation 3...

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