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Wii U... it sounds awful. Wii, not exceptionally "epic" and it still sounds like what you do down the toilet.

Wii U is... it's not dramatic, it's not interesting, it's not in your face, it's not... anyhting. I just felt they went through the alphabet choosing different letters and stuck with U.

Also, E3 kinda sucked, all we saw was the controller, never the actual console. At times I actually thought this was just a new controller but we're keeping the Wii.

You could see the console in some of the videos, but never saw it up close which saddened me a little.

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Worst name: Yes. Most funny name: Yes, too! Here it comes! The Wii F U! xD

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why not just go with 'yeehaw' would make as much sense. the name is horrible.

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Everytime you hear a siren you'll think of the new system. Wii U Wii U Wii U.

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They should have used stream


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stop trolling please nintendo is a clever company in my opinion and has awesome franchises i see the fun in the name but come on a name does not make a consolle dumb that is just stupid



did someone say WEEYOOOU?

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I don't like it. It sounds lame and doesn't even have a fun sound to it like if they followed up on the Wii's ridiculous name and called it the Woo Wii or something to be even more silly.

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Did anybody else roll their eyes in disbelief and let out a massive groan while saying "oh god...." when Reggie revealed the name "Wii U"? I couldn't believe it.....I wasn't expecting anything to be that bad. They could of got funky, and named it the Super Wii for all i care....But they got even more boring, less creative and mind numbingly generic and stupid this time around.
The Green little 'U' logo is ugly as well.

Hate the name, hated the viloent gritty PS3 trailer line up of traditional PS3/PC-like games that they showed and i hated that they never revelead the console(aside from photo's) And I don't know what to think of the controller.....I mean what if Metroid Prime 4 comes out? I want wii pointer controls...I dont want to use the Wii U controller analog stick for aiming. I'm sure the touch screen would be rad for certain things, but definitly not at the expense for pointer controls.....It's like Nintendo took a step back in innovation, and instead chose a different path, a path that's confusing unless you get your hands on it and just not quite the beast in innovation as i was expecting.

Color me confused, pissed off and mixed overall....

  • Beginning 3DS trailer that took up all of the screens revealing 4 games was pretty rad!
  • Luigi's Mansion 2 looked amazing
  • Super Mario 3D looked absolutely awesome
  • Mario Kart 3D's looking great, and i loved the new glider, underwater marine and monster truck abilities/kart
  • Zelda Wii U tech demo looked incredible
  • The Bird Wii U footage looked absolutely jaw dropping....THAT's Next gen, that's if it was actually in-game
  • When Reggie revealed the name Wii U
  • Wii U 3rd party title trailer
  • Confusing controller, that looks to ditch pointer controls. Looks massive and clunky.
  • Presentation was bland, especially compared to last year which was very exciting

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Link79 wrote:

Everytime you hear a siren you'll think of the new system. Wii U Wii U Wii U.

hahahahaha i hadn't even thought of that, nice catch

future of NL >:3
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A step back in innovation?

I was checking videos out on E3.nintendo's website and saw many fun clever ways to use the new controller. It looks wicked fun. It's basically taking the concept of the GCN&GBAdvance and expanding on it.

Wii U, the name I'll get over it. I mean, they have the balls to stick with the name "Wii" because the "self-proclaimed" hardcore hate Wii (they know who they are).

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.

But most importantly, Smash Bros



That's gonna be an expensive controller...?

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Oh god Wii U is fugly.


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it is a weird name...but I do feel empty. I liked the conference, but the Wii U...something seems off about it. I think they should have dived into it more deeply to spark more interest.

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@Waveboy: Did you even watch the show? D: Wiimote/nunchuk are still compatible. And if developers have half a brain they will still support them in games that benefit from them. Gah!



Wii U? Really? It's now official: Nintendo sucks at naming consoles.

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Its kinda a weird name. I wouldn't say it is the worst name in history but I would have preferred Wii 2 than Wii u but its ok. I'm gonna have to get use to saying Wii u for now on.

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Ok, I'll develop on my last post now that I've read a little more about it. Wii U is a terrible name. Although about as terrible as Wii, so I guess we'll get used to it. The MASSIVE controller is fugly. Although, now I've read it a little more, I'm glad it's not required. That sucker's going to munch batteries when in use, though.


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"Hey, guys, let's judge the whole console and the whole future of Nintendo based on just its name and a couple of tech demos!"

This thing is gonna be awesome. Don't deny.

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