Topic: Wii U - Worst System Name in History?

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Sounds like Nintendo is starting up a university. It definitely doesn't arouse any excitement. Actually, it makes me feel less excited about what looks to be an amazing system. Shallow maybe, but wow that's an atrocious name. D:

What are your feelings on this title? O.o

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hmm doesn't sound too bad

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i had no problems with wii at all, but i don't like this new name at all. I guess I was just hoping it would be a non-wii name. it seems like it was a really lazy brainstorming session.

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It's the worst console name in history. Why couldn't it just have been something normal, now they've ravaged the spelling of two of my favourite pronouns.

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Sure it's strange, but i guess it's ok. Can you come up with a better name for the console?



is it too late for them to change it? I'd really like it if they did, even dropping "Wii" would be a good idea! It seems so rushed, like most of the conference focus on it, no actual games to show is a bit ridiculous unless the third parties have stuff on it.

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I like the concept behind it. Plus, it's smart of Nintendo to keep the name Wii as it's really prominent and because the concept of Wii not being hard to pronounce around the world.

I thought of Pii U when they announced it lol
But I like it. What I don't like, are the 3rd party games that's coming out for it- except maybe Ghost Recon and Ninjagaiden.



Worst name for the best console. Hmm.

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man the should have named it the superultrahyperawesome nintendo entertainment system



I don't know what to think....All I know is that the name is utterly dreadful...Wii U!?.....Worst console name in the history of consoles I'd say. just terrible.

And a glorified I-Pad?....What really pissed me off was that 'hardcore' trailer with Batman, Ninja gaiden III and those other dark gritty violent games, and the ones that were first person clearly didn't make use of Pointer controls...the aiming looked clunky. I HOPE nintendo didn't abonden motion controls, aka the wii remote. in ways this seems like a step backwards while doing something that's more interactive regarding connectivity. I can see that it's an innovation but it's not the big leap I was expecting, or what i was thinking at all.

I just hate the design, ugh i'm just dissapointed with it. Zelda Wii U looked amazing though..And especially that Bird demo...Mind blowing next gen stuff, that is if it really was in-game.

And what's the deal with NSMB U? it looks like NSMBWii graphically!? Not to mention those demo's looked like crap as well.



if you're trying to shed the image that you are just casual and gimmicky then the name WiiU and the lame punny introduction to it is probably not the best idea. I guess some higher-up is very stuck on the idea that the name of the console has to be a pun and explain their rough mission statement. I was really hoping for something sleek and simple like Nintendo HD.

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Could be worse. Could be UWii.

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Wii U. Hmm... I'm sorry to say that I like it. I nearly died when the Revolution got it's new name, it was so embarrasing, omg. D: But, Ninty knew what they were doing as it sold in massive numbers through word of mouth. This just expands on that I guess.

I'm so pleasantly surprised by the sytem I don't care what they call it really. Hcore will buy it, as will the noobs. Best of both worlds. Do want. xD

also... the choice of control options is fantastic. now I can justify buying that zeldamote as it will still be of use in the future, yay .

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The name is fine, it lends on the strength of an existing brand (Wii), and is distinctive. No, it's not "SUPER ULTRA MEGA SONY/MICROSOFT CRUSHER 9000!!!1!," but people will know what you're talking about. It's a good name.


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Hey the Wii had a bad name, but it outsold the PS3 and 360. Perhaps this will blow them out of the water

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Yup, worst console name since... "Wii". Nobody liked that name, either. And look how much sales suffered from strange naming...



Yeah, it's a pretty stupid name. I like the concept behind the system but I honestly am not interested in it one bit as of now. It seemed like Nintendo wasn't even ready to unveil the thing and instead tried to focus mainly on the 3DS, which didn't excite me either. It wasn't just Nintendo, it seemed all of E3 was pretty lackluster, especially after last year.

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Wii U... it sounds awful. Wii, not exceptionally "epic" and it still sounds like what you do down the toilet.

Wii U is... it's not dramatic, it's not interesting, it's not in your face, it's not... anyhting. I just felt they went through the alphabet choosing different letters and stuck with U.

Also, E3 kinda sucked, all we saw was the controller, never the actual console. At times I actually thought this was just a new controller but we're keeping the Wii.

You could see the console in some of the videos, but never saw it up close which saddened me a little.

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