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People who used the component cable to get the full 480p EDTV image from their Wii often ran into problems with certain games, due to limitations of their flat-panel TVs - many of which do not support interlaced resolutions (480i/576i) over component or HDMI interfaces. Now I happened to be lucky and my "low-end" Philips plasma circa 2006 supports all resolutions over component and HDMI, so I've never had issues playing VC content or the handful of non-EDTV titles I own with component hook-ups, but I may be an exception.

Nintendo have already stated that the Wii-U won't upscale Wii games, but I certainly hope they will have some kind of compatibility mode to ensure there aren't any issues using the HDMI connection and Wii games. I know I would be plenty cheesed if I couldn't play Samurai Warriors III or Sakura Wars on my new Wii-U (both 50Hz - 576i - in Europe; I assume 60Hz/480i in the States).

I'm sure I've read of people on this board who couldn't run certain VC games due to this or ended up having two cables from their Wii to their TV and had to swap when playing certain games. I seem to recall Nintendo converted some VC games to run in some kind of container to work around this, but I also remember complaints they weren't rolling this out universally. Anyone had an issue with any of these things and planning an upgrade to Wii-U?

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I Haven't had that problem with the VC games I've purchase but I wouldn't be surprise to see some improvement via the HDMI output... I also have a older plasma from panasonic...

Can't wait to see if your theory holds true...

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I recently moved my Wii to a new Samsung LCD and have yet to have any problems with VC games. Before it was on Mitsubishi DLP and worked just as well. - Dayman
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I also remember with most Wii games there would be audio lag ( and maybe controller lag I think) if you were playing it on an HDTV. Which is crucial to games like Rhythm Heaven Fever or other games that rely on rhythm as it would make it unplayable. Plus it would be annoying for everything else. Maybe this will be fixed on the Wii U? This does not effect me either way because I plan on playing Wii games only on my Wii only on the tv in my living room that lacks an HDTV while I will be putting my Wii U in my room where I do have an HDTV.



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