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It's hard enough to capture lightning in a bottle once I don't think they've done it again. Don't get me wrong I think it's pretty awesome, as a gamer I think the Wii U seems better now than the Wii did at launch. However it doesn't have the magic. I don't see Nursing Homes running Mario Chase tournaments and I don't think I'll hear my Dad randomly ask "want a game of Luigi's Ghost Mansion?". It's just not going to happen.

That could all change with a well thought out piece of software but right now.... I don't think they've got it with Nintendo Land. Personally I'm fine with that if it means I still get proper third party support and HD Mario/Zelda. It doesn't have the "magic" of the Wii though

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The Wii had a magic too it because it was so different right down to it's shiny white plastic casing. I remember being excited just by the self-loading disc tray with a blue light. Also, I was FINALLY going to be able to play Twilight Princess two and half years after I saw that trailer at e3. (It helped that EVERYONE wanted one, no one could find one, and I had one.)

I got Wii U at launch but can't open it until Christmas. So, I do feel I'm missing out a bit by not having that exclusive Nintendo fan feeling of having it so early (much easier to deal with when other countries were also waiting). However, I'm more excited this time around for what Nintendo will do with their franchises. I think we will have an evolution in control that doesn't discard motion but also doesn't center on it. Just like with the 3ds and touch control. I'm looking forward to that.

For some reason, though I hope it sees more success, the Wii U makes me think of the GameCube era. I loved my little cube and actually played even more of the cube games on my Wii.


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