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I posted this a few days ago but it instantly disappeared so here goes again.

Was just thinking how great it would be if we were to get the classic arcade games from the mid 90's on a regular basis through the Eshop.Especially Segas mid 90's titles from their AM team.Arcade perfect ports but updated with online multiplayer and optional Motion/gamepad controls.Sega Rally,Daytona,Virtua Racing with motion control,Virtua Cop with remote aiming,Virtua Fighter with the moves set on the gamepad screen.Surely the position Sega are in now this could be easy cash for them and should be relatively easy to do.I'd happily pay 15 quid a pop for an arcade perfect port of Daytona with online multiplayer and responsive gyro controls on the Gamepad.It would make me a very happy man indeed.

What other classic arcade games from the 90's would you love to see brought back and updated?

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Dancing Eyes and Mr. Driller G, released over here as import titles.

EDIT: Also, the Namco Arrangement games

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It isn't from the 90's but THE REAL DONKEY KONG! (not the NES version)

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The Wii has an Arcade section of the Virtual Console, but it had very poor support. Just some Sega games and other obscure ones, no Nintendo support at all.



Firejonie wrote:

no Nintendo support at all.

This is odd because nintendo hasn't given japan a 1st party vca game either and japan has alot of vc arcade games! If you thought n64 support is bad on the vc, the vc arcade is worse because all those games reviewed on nintendolife got a 8 or lower and that's it.

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Not changing my statements until mario party 1 gets on the virtual console.


problem is that it`s not quite so simple to add arcade games on to the VCA.
bring out games for the consoles on the VC are pretty straight forward, the emulation code is already in place and all devs need to do add the game code and make sure it works without any problems.
the VCA is different, dev`s also need to emulate their proprietory hardware aswell as the games, which adds more work for the programers.
every company that makes arcade games use different hardware to what everbody else is using, and they usually update their own hardware every 2 - 4 years.
street fighter 2 is a good example. "world warriors" runs on a different PCB (printed circuit board) set up compared "new challangers" even though it`s essentialy the same game. it`s just that "new challengers" needed an upgraded board so that capcom could add in the new characters and update the current roster animation.
if capcom wanted to release all of the arcade versions of street fighter 2 they would also need to emulate the seperate hardware that they run on.

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But for crying out loud, not even PAC MAN is on the VC, what gives?

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X-Men, Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Simpsons, Rastan, Karnov, Gaunlet, Time Soldiers, Ikari Warriors 2, plus pretty much everything thats been an arcade game.

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that super mario kart arcade game by namco



misswliu81 wrote:

those super mario kart arcade games by namco

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will never happen but well ...
if i had one retro wish : conkers bad fur day for N64 !!

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Stereoman wrote:

will never happen but well ...
if i had one retro wish : conkers bad fur day for N64 !!

If one Rare N64 game made it, it would be Banjo-Kazooie, like it or not

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Yes, not even THAT game is on the arcade.

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I suppose this is true but the nes version we do have is a good translation unlike donkey kong which needs its arcade counterpart to come out. We're playing an incomplete game for crying out loud!

I'm hoping that with some of the 360 and ps3 console games being rereleased on the wii u, capcom will be willing to finally give us the marvel vs. capcom series

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