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Hi, i've thinking about getting a surround sound system for my wii u but i got a couple of questions.

Is it worth it? i mean it works on all games or only a few? (sorry if this is a silly question)

I've heard that since the wii u doesnt have a optical out, it needs to be connected trough hdmi to an AV receiver,

But now in one of the last updates you can use both hdmi and av cable on the wii u at the same time, so im wondering if:

Can i get surround sound if i connect the wii u trough HDMI to my tv and av cable to a 5.1 sound system? or wont it work? Is connecting the wii u trough hdmi to an AV receiver still the only way to get surround sound?

Hope you guys can understand what i said since i have a hard time letting myself explain in english(not my first lenguaje), hope anybody can help me.


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I'm not exactly the most savvy on the issue, but couldn't you hook up the surround sound system to the optical out port on your TV? That way, you'll always have surround sound.

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I've read that that way doesnt work on the wii u


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My surround sound receiver is linked to the TV with a digital optical cable, and the Wii U is hooked up to the TV with HDMI. The surround sound works great, along with everything else that is plugged into the TV. Maybe certain televisions or receivers have issues with this, but mine was does not.

I totally think it's worth it. It makes a HUGE difference. I haven't found a game it doesn't work with.

I will never go back to using standard television speakers. Sometimes I enjoy switching between the TV speakers and the surround sound, just to hear what a miserable world I was living in before.



You need to get a receiver with HDMI 1.4a or newer, that is PCM 5.1 compatible. If you plug in AV or optical out, the best quality you'll get is 2.0 PCM. You can set it to surround programs that sound decent, but it isn't true surround sound.

Plugging in via AV does give Dolby Pro Logic II for Wii Mode.


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If your receiver doesn't have HDMI inputs the TV would need either optical out or separate outs(6) for each channel for 5.1 and even then the reciever would need 6 separate channel inputs. The 'A/V cable for the wii U is only 2 channel I believe and I don't think the Wii U has a optical out.

Personally I'd pick up a HDMI reciever. the upside to the HDMI receiver is so few cables and so easy to hook up.

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I have mine hooked up with HDMI and it's pretty awesome.

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Wanting to try surround sound (would love to hear Monster Hunter with it, lol), but I don't think my TV can pull it off. :c
It's one of those "cheap" HDTVs, lol. (not that it looks crappy or anything, just doesn't have many features and stuff)

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Most HDTVs only pass through 2.0 or compressed surround sound, even the expensive ones. It's just not part of an HDTV's "resume" to do what an amp does. If you want a high-quality sound system, you'll be paying between $600-1000. Given, you probably won't ever have to replace speakers(if they are good, and they don't break) and the receiver won't be outdated for a long time, it really is an investment.

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