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Topic: Wii U sells 307,000 in Japan launch week

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Read more here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-12-11-wii-u-sells-307-...

Here's a quote:

"The Wii U launched in Japan last weekend with initial sales amounting to 307,471 units, a new report suggests.
That's around 70,000 less than the Wii, according to Japanese chart company Media-Create (via GameKult).
The solid, if not stellar, launch was accompanied by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, an expanded port of the Wii and later 3DS game. It sold 106,454 copies, while Nintendo Land (not a pack-in game as it is in the West) sold 66,583.
New Super Mario Bros. U sold best - it notched up 160,140 purchases, just over half its initial shipment."

My thoughts:
So overall it's done really well. Sold out everywhere in all countries. Nintendo <3

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Good job Nintendo

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I love how you edited the last part.

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Better than 299,999,Not as good as 300,001.
Swings and roundabouts.

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