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Being that I can't stop tinkering, I somehow broke my perfectly working Wii U Pro Setup on my PC. I for some idiotic reason decided to remove the device from the Toshiba Bluetooth Manager and now when I add it back, the controller disconnects immediately after connecting, rendering it useless.

I've tried everything I could think of from reinstalling the driver and deleting the Toshiba folder from my AppData folder to pushing the pinhole reset button on the controller to trying over and over and over to connect. Any ideas what else I could try? Don't have any useable restore points. Really bummed over this dumb move. It's still detected fine by windows, just won't stay on anymore. Battery's charged. Anyone know how to do a full clean reinstall of the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack?



I don't know if this is the best place to get help...but do you have vjoy installed? I've never had problems with my pro controller on PC. I also use WiinUPro, but I don't know what you're using. My bluetooth dongle isn't even supported by the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack software, I just added the hardware ID to the list that the program came with and it works fine now. Maybe your trail ran out? Doesn't the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack temporarily overwrite the Windows Stack?

I just click New Connection, follow the prompt, and press the sync button on the back of the controller, and it works fine, even if I remove it from the stack.

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well i was using the x360ce modded for the controller. i just discovered wiinUPro and haven't tried it with vjoy, but i'll give it a shot, thanks.



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