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Seems reasonable, unlike some of the prices people had thought up. I still can't believe some people would be willing to pay $500 or even $600 dollars for it.


That rumour about the price being $500-$600 was for Australian retail, meaning that was 600 Australian dollars. That's still a fair bit though.


I wonder if 6 months down the line, Nintendo will put the price down.

To be honest, I wouldn't want to pay £299 on a console... we don't even know how much the games are going to cost yet. I would definitely buy one on release if it was a bit more on the cheaper side. Who am I kidding, it's Nintendo, gotta buy this.

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$300 dollars isn't that expensive here. Just $50 more than the Wii, so ya, I'd buy it at launch.

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£299 sounds fair enough. i'd go with that or £200-250.



Fang wrote:

That rumour about the price being $500-$600 was for Australian retail, meaning that was 600 Australian dollars. That's still a fair bit though.

I didn't mean actual rumours. I had just heard some people say that they would be willing to pay those prices if it was as expensive as that.


$299 here in the States seems reasonable, and the Wii U fund has already begun. A much better price point than when the PS3 was launched here. I don't see Nintendo dropping the price to under $249 for at least a year, possibly two, after launch though. They seem determined to make their launch point stick this time around.



At $300 that would be a great price. Sure hope so.



I'm willing to pay $300.
I would also be willing to pay $400.
$500 is a bit steep, but still worth it.
$600 perhaps, but are there any games out for the thing?
$600+ I really want it, but I can't get it at launch. Maybe in a month or two.

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