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Like many of us here I pre-ordered my Wii U as soon as I could. I opted for Amazon as my retailer and seem to have bagged a 32gb for just over £200! Now I know that this can't be right but I have still not had my order cancelled or been notified about the mistake.

I really don't want it cancelled by them and miss out on launch day and have no problem paying the full price being shown on the site now. Is there anyone else in my situation, and what would you do?

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We haven't had the reports here of pre-orders stopping like the States, so you could just stick with it and see what happens. I have also pre-ordered from Amazon and the price for the deluxe as you describe is £299. Now it's possible they only recently increased it, so double-check your order fine print. If they have wording about a low-price guarantee then you might be okay, but it cannot hurt to contact them to confirm your order price will stand upon release.

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I pre-ordered my deluxe/premium at £284.99 on Amazon. I logged into my account and it's sitting there at that price still.

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