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I know from many past posts that some here have experience with this, so hopefully will be a quick thread

I am reaching the limit of my 32GB finally (I don't do digital unless I have to) and was planning to attach a low profile flash drive (32GB) to the back, and offload the VC games I have completed and whatnot, to keep the Wii U's memory as empty as I can for upcoming games.

So my question is, will downloads go to the flash drive, or to the Wii U memory? I'm trying to head off a mess of an install before it occurs! The last thing I want is to have to over-manage this in the long term.


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If you have an HD connected, the eShop takes it as the default and downloads everything there. You would have to then copy them to the Wii U if you want them there.

The only exception for this was when I wanted to download W101. Since I have a save file in the Wii U (as I have the disc version) then it wanted to download the game directly there.

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I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Make sure that if you have anything previously saved on your external drive gets moved else where, the WiiU needs to format the external memory and it will wipe off anything you have stored.
Moving software between the WiiU internal and external memory can be done in the system settings under data management.

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