Topic: Wii U or 3DS? Which is likely to be the best vessel for Nintendo games?

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Right now all signs point to 3DS, since Nintendo has only announced two Wii U titles (Super Smash Bros. and Pikmin), with one of those being on 3DS as well. Super Mario 3D Land appears to be one of the most fun Mario games ever, Mario Kart 7 easily looks to be the best Kart yet, and if Paper Mario can approach or top the greatness of TTYD we have another all-time classic on our hands. Plus the download front is already looking up if you include third-parties (VC classics already and Nicalis goodness on the way), so it's safe to say the 3DS will be an awesome place for Nintendo fans in the coming years.

Whether the Wii U will maintain the same quality and quantity of releases is almost completely up in the air right now.

I have to agree with Oddy on this one. We have little idea what games the Wii U will bring other than a few like Pikmin, and right now the 3DS is having a very bright future. It'll definitely have the spotlight for the rest of autumn, winter, and possibly into next spring. After E3 2012 and going into next autumn, I might say Wii U, because then the future of its games and new features will be clearer.

Nintendo has a lot more games in development than just Smash Bros. and (allegedly) Pikmin 3. The Zelda tech demo is a good idea of what Nintendo wants to do for the first HD Zelda. New Super Mario Bros. Mii is practically guaranteed to be made into a full game. The various tech demos (Pose Mii, Chase Mii, etc.) will be fleshed out into a "Wii Sports" type compilation.

Nintendo always does this, they take their tech demos and turn them into full fledged games. See Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, etc.

You don't know any of this, yet you speak as if it's all fact. You can't say there's more than Smash Bros. and Pikmin until Nintendo announces more. It doesn't matter if you end up being right, because at this point we can't know for sure.

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the WiiU is merely the same pattern they did with the gamecube and Wii. so far it looks as lowtech compared to what the other consoles will be, it looks focused on the gadget side of the thing over the power and graphic possibilities, and it looks like another machine that will cost hundreds of dollars to be able to play the next mario, zelda and metroid.
because since the n64, its the same routine. these consoles only gave me great deals with those 3 franchises, the other games were either boring, or much more beautiful on the other consoles (with more content in some cases)

be angry at me i dont care, but nintendo lost at the console market, but on the otehr hand, theyre the kings at the handheld war.

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graphics are a gimmick



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graphics are a gimmick

not sure if serious


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You can't judge two seperate handheld and home consoles. Both will fail in some, both will achieve in others. We haven't even got anything to judge the Wii U by; we don't have any official launch title info.

If you do want to judge them, best judge by a game such as Super Smash Bros. Universe. Or whatever it's going to be called. You'd like this sort of game on a handheld in short bursts of brawls, nothing too long. But when you sit and lounge on a home console, you're ready for a whole adventure mode and mega butt to kick for many hours. Or, like, two.

None is a better vessel. They both serve seperate purposes in gaming, if you catch my drift. Both will have outstanding games, no matter how long we have to wait (which will hopefully be just by launch for the Wii U; excellent seeing as the predicted launch is Summer 2012, just after the big 3DS hits).



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