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I just went to my local Walmart here in Georgia to pick up some more Christmas lights for my wife. On a whim, I cruzed by the game section. Right there locked in the display case was one shiny new Wii U basic console. I just assumed they were sold out most places lol!

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I was at the mall and Best Buy, Game Stop, and Toys R Us were chock full of Wii Us.

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Just because you saw one Wii U console in a display case doesn't mean every Wal Mart nationwide has an over abundance of them.

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It would vary depending on location. Of course some places may have consoles, but other places may have a waiting list a mile long. When the system is "sold out", it means the supplier is sold out; the stores already bought out the consoles from the supplier, whether they've sold all the consoles they've ordered is a different story.

I'm in an area with a rather low gamer population. I'd bet, if I really wanted to, I could find a Wii U or two at a store around here (but I already have mine). Of course, I could be wrong, I just doubt my area is completely out of spare Us.

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Lol I am sure it was a fluke, but still....if youre diligent I am sure you can get one off the shelf with a little detective work



I think it's kind of a thing where the deluxe edition is sold out in a lot of places, but the basic is pretty widely available because nobody really wants to spend 50 less dollars for a system with no game and no memory.

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I found none at target yesterday

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It's true. I went to a GameStop the other day and I asked if they had a Wii U. They had five! I was really amazed, but the GameStop was in a mall where mostly old people go to so im not sure......

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yeah just cuz you saw some doesnt mean there ready to buy i bet if you asked to buy one they give you the "did you pre order it?" or " are you on the waiting list" which in case you would say no and they tell you that no they can sell you it since its for those ppl

here i checked walmart,gamestop,kmart and all sold out thought i have heard some bestbuy have them o.O

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6 at my local target. 4 being black

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While I was running around during Black Friday I saw a big cage in my local Target, and it was full of at least two dozen Wii Us, a third of them deluxe (black). Sad that I can't afford to buy one yet...

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I think it's safe to say the demand for the Wii U is not the same as the Wii. After the Wii launched, I couldn't find one until the following May.



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brooks83 wrote:

I think it's safe to say the demand for the Wii U is not the same as the Wii. After the Wii launched, I couldn't find one until the following May.

Let's wait for stats, numbers and oh yeah, facts shall we?

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Nintendo has already stated that they've had more WiiU preorders than Wii. They've also said they've manufactured more WiiUs than they did Wiis so they'll better be able to keep up with demand this time. For example the Wii sold 600,000 units during the first 8 days, but Gamestop alone had over 500,000 pre-orders for the WiiU.

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Interesting I think 1 million consoles would be a fair number for a successful North American release. I think Nintendo would want to fill most preorders, and have ample consoles to restock retailers for Christmas.

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Well, that's good. Hopefully it means that Nintendo managed to support the demand. The Wii was just a disaster at launch.

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