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SCAR392 wrote:

I really do think being with Nintendo would be the best for a a new ED game. You aren't thinking at all?
There are alternative outcomes that could happen, but you're only looking at the one right in front of you.
Nintendo could make the game better for Wii U, and it could sell better than a half-effort one that will be available on 3 platforms.
Also, Halo and Destiny don't even count. Bungie doesn't even own Halo, so they can't even consider it the same universe.
Precursor Games still owns ED, but they are using a different title. They call it a spiritual successor, but it WILL be considered the actually successor if a game like SotE is actually made.
So you're telling me that it's ok if Precursor Games makes a spiritual successor, then Nintendo can potentially make an actual sequel?
Who do you think would lose that competition? It would be better for both companies if they teamed up, instead of competing like that.

Lastly, calling me a Nintendo fanboy doesn't help your case. Actually, it makes everything you just said mainly irrelevant, because you're under the impression I'm biased. People that call other people fanboys need to seriously step up their argument, because you basically aren't making one.
Come up with a better argument besides "biased". It will help you.

I could have sworn that Nintendo won ED.


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Good post! I've heard people complain about the 3rd party games, and I haven't had any problems with mine, granted, maybe they patched them up since they wee first released.

pntjr wrote:



Scar, you're biased. You don't like Sony games.

I don't like birds crapping on my car. I am biased against birds crapping on my car.

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What? Nintendo owns the IP name, but Precursor Games basically owns every aspect of the game besides the insanity meter.

My point is that it's ironic/hypocritical to call someone biased, because you're just as biased for saying that, resulting in no contribution to the discussion.

As for the bird crap comment, the difference is that there's one side to that. Birds don't think about crapping on your car. They just do.

So you shake your fist at birds for crapping on your car? That will totally get the point across, because not only do they not understand you, but they don't care, either.


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Technically.. I would say it's next gen.. it has more power than PS3 and 360.. and the games despite what others say look better.. even if it is just slightly.. (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has cleaner graphics than it did on other systems.. same with Warriors Orochi 3 and Lego Batman 2... when I did side by side comparisons.. they all looked better on the Wii U... ) However from a developers point of view the Wii U while more powerful is not the huge leap they were looking for... so they don't really consider it next gen.. but from a business standpoint Nintendo can say it's next Gen.. so much in the fact that it's the next gen of the Wii.... back to the developers standpoint they understand that but since it's not the huge jump they hoped for.. they put it in a Gen of it's own... because it's not last Gen... (PS3, 360, Wii) and it's not a big enough step for them to say it's next gen (PS4, XBONE) however when compared to Wii it is next gen.. so it's in a twilight zone gen of it's own..

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rockodoodle wrote:

Good post! I've heard people complain about the 3rd party games, and I haven't had any problems with mine, granted, maybe they patched them up since they wee first released.

pntjr wrote:

When u talk about third party games do u mean u have heard people complain about lag and stuff cos like blunty says in the video, a lot of these games are ports therefore they won't run as well since they weren't developed for the wii u



Maybe we should just let Kirby explain it.

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