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Topic: Wii U needs Southpaw (swap sticks) option in Settings

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PloXyZeRO wrote:

I don't understand why there aren't lefty controllers yet....just mirrored versions of a normal controller. Although I'm not a lefty, I really wished they existed. But oh well...alternate control schemes are nice too. Most FPSs usually allow you to at least swap the sticks. Using a 3DS must be HORRIBLE for lefties.

It's only a nuisance for certain games. Lefties have been trained use a thumb stick in their left hand for long enough, but using a stylus in the right can, depending on the game, be a hurdle. Kid Icarus, for example, took me some getting used to. That or I could've bought that second circle pad abomination...

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So...the dev made the change and now you're asking Nintendo? Wut?

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DarkwingLz wrote:

So...the dev made the change and now you're asking Nintendo? Wut?

The Killzone developers added the option to Shadow Fall. I posted here to raise awareness of the issue.

I have e-mailed Shin'en and they responded by saying that they will pass the info along to the developers.

I have a 360 controller that i paid someone to switch the sticks. I would actually buy another Wii U controller if someone could do the same.

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