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Do guys predict or speculate that wii u will get more third party games in this year.

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yes, from indies

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


No, but I think Nintendo will do a amazing job of putting out first party titles and indies this year.



No, but I suppose that Nintendo could surprise us at E3. They've been known to do that in the past

Nintendo's first-party line-up will be stellar this year, and hopefully Bayonetta 2 will finally come out (why is that taking so long?? lol), but I don't think that major developers will all of a sudden flock to the Wii U in support when they can make more money making games for Xbone and PS4. It's unfortunate to be sure, but that's the way that I see it.

Nintendo should just buy Sega. That way Sonic games could only appear on Nintendo's hardware. I've never been a Sonic fan, but I think this would help Nintendo's cause. I know Lost World was exclusive due to a partnership, but having Generations and Colors appear on every other console is not good.

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Unless sales improve big time then probably not. If you are looking for third party games well you are probably better off getting a PS4, Xbox One or PC.

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Tasuki wrote:

If you are looking for third party games well you are probably better off getting a PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Why you're waiting for third party games on a Nintendo console, TC, is beyond me.

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I think Nintendo will try harder to encourage more third parties to support the Wii U , they have to , can they just rely on first party games , they are so few and far between, waiting for mk8 is like painful .. we know nothing , its not good to be kept in the dark



No, which isnt that bad if you have my tastes in games and a 3ds.

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Nintendo will probably let us on to a bunch of first and second party games for the Wii U by E3.

As for third parties, they're more than likely already gone for good. We're probably still going to get the annual Call of Duty, the occasional multiplat, and Assassin's Creed (if Ubisoft hasn't left us), but aside from that, it's about time the Nintendo goodness started flooding in.

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Sure, but not AAA.

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We may have more third party Lego games in total this year than any other offerings from third parties.
There may even be Simpsons and Ghostbuster games in 2015.

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I really can't see a situation where they get a lot of 3rd parties back on board. I expect the Wii U to sell better than last year due to it having more notable software coming to the platform but I doubt it catches the eye of 3rd parties. Not when the majority of sales will be due to 1st party games.

I expect the Wii U to get a lot of indie love and have a few 3rd party exclusives.

Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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PhoenixUltra wrote:

Do guys predict or speculate that wii u will get more third party games in this year.

No, 2014 is going to have to be where Nintendo Proves 3rd Party can do well on Wii U then 2015 would be where you start seeing support. It takes time to develop games and we won't see a turn around very fast but if Nintendo can create good press with Indies that "Love developing on Wii U" and growing the install base then 2015 is when we will see 3rd Parties starting to give Wii U another try.

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It's literally impossible they won't. I think either a new Skylanders or something Disney Infinity was confirmed for Wii U over Wii, which would help quite a bit?

I could see COD getting another ok-ish port.

Maybe some of the mid-tier devs left (all 5 of them that don't rely on digital sales :V) helping. Maybe an Atlus game before SMTXFE since I kinda doubt that's coming this year (aka everyone will be disappointed if it isn't Persona 4 or 5). Capcom's done pretty well with MH3U. What's the Scribblenauts guys doing?

otherwise, it's all about the indies!

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Hopefully, more 3rd party support from indie developers and major 1st party titles releases.



I'll tell you after the Nintendo Direct..........

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I think Nintendo will get more 3rd party support. Ubisoft may have had some bad instances, but they'll be there is they can. I think Watch_Dogs being delayed has in part to do with needing more time to make the game better for Wii U, so I'm not disappointed. EA and Crytek have their newest engines running on Wii U, as well. Now it's just a matter of time and reason to have good 3rd party support, IMO.

Star Wars Battlefront can run on Wii U, so hopefully they see that as an opportunity to expand their audience.

Also, 3rd parties supported Xbox One and PS4 with 8th gen titles, with no sales, so I think the install base that Nintendo has racked up, might mean more than people think it does.


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Will be awesome. Like a phoniex it rise from the smoke. Can't wait.



There could be a few titles if Nintendo do some deals, either with 3rd party exclusives (like Sonic Boom) or games with Nintendo characters (like Hyrule Warriors). I doubt that there'll be much else though (other than indies).



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