Topic: Wii U! Most excited news from the briefing to you?

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The design, the new "version" of tekken, and probably the new Pokemon non-annunciated.


I was suprised about TVii the most. Why?

Because this is what Microsoft is trying to do with the Xbox 360 now and what they will most likely try to do with their next console. Microsoft are trying to make their machine the center of your home entertainment system but Nintendo totally muscled in on its turf. Though it hasn't lauched yet I can see from the Live Stream that they are going to do a much better job of it.

If you want to watch stuff on your 360 you have skim through the ads and have a Xbox Live gold account. Nintendo are not making you look at any ads, there is no subscription fee, there is some kind of social networking integration and the ease of use with the touch screen makes it even better. Being able to switch accounts so that your viewing preferences are displayed. I'm not in to sports, but that thing where your favourite sports teams scores shows up first looks convenient as well.

I bet Nintendo felt pretty sore when Microsoft and Sony jumped on the motion control bandwagon after the Wii made it popular (especially when Sony ripped on it for being a gimmick) Now Nintendo has moved in to Microsoft's space.



The announcements of the awesome bundle options and that NSMBU is coming at launch!

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Most exciting news was both the release date (Nov. 18) being about two weeks before Japan and price ($349.99 for Deluxe) being as low as it was. I liked the Bayonetta 2 announcement, can't wait for CoD: BO2, super stoked for Monster Hunter, and can't believe NintendoLand is bundled (in Deluxe).

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monster hunter 3 unlimited for 3DS
, because i only own a 3DS and won't buy a WiiU

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Just KNOWING the release date, price, and finally being able to ore-order.

Do I even play?
What's a "gamer" anyway? POKÉMON!


ValtermcPires wrote:

The design, the new "version" of tekken, and probably the new Pokemon non-annunciated.

What Pokemon? The only one I know is the mystery dungeon for 3DS

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@HarmoKnight if wiiu gets a pokemon i hope its a sequel to pokemon XD gale of darkness

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monster hunter and bayonetta 2 for me



Although I'm not a fan, I'm impressed that nintendo has managed to get 3 massive IPs for launch....Asassins Creed, COD & FIFA 13. Nice.

Hmm...its got to be the deluxe with a copy of ZombieU or maybe Rayman.

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TVii, NA and EUR releases before Japan, and Bayonetta 2 exclusive.

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Blops 2,aka the next best game ever.

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