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The Wii U was announced at E3 to much confusion. "Is it a new console?" "Is it a Wii peripheral?" "What am I doing here, and where are my pants?" As a consequence, Nintendo's stock fell to the lowest point in five years. This new news isn't going to help matters.

Talking with CVG during E3 week, Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata wouldn't get into exact pricing details when asked, but he did admit, "This is not going to be cheap." Uh oh. He did point out that it will probably cost more than 20,000 yen (about $250) when it drops next year.

Honestly, we can't expect it to cost less than the Wii, especially not with a giant touchscreen on the controller and 360/PS3-level graphical capabilities. But how much can Nintendo charge for a new console before it's too much? It's hard to tell what is "the right amount," especially since there hasn't really ever been a console like this before. The closest I can come up with is the SEGA Pico, and we all know how that turned out. Or maybe you haven't even heard of the Pico, in which case, that's exactly how it turned out. Regardless, it had better be less than $599.

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There's a thread for discussing the possible price point here. Feel free to share this article quote (along with a source link?) there. :3

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