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Cheaptrick wrote:

SwerdMurd wrote:

The language used is rather vague... But assuming they mean that developers can send commands, from the controller (by listening for a button-state on the html5 enabled webpage), it's awesome.

It's not a language but a diagram of button states.

Both the links go hand in hand. The first one is codes to connect a Wii U to a program on the internet without a dev kit, and the other is a demonstration of commands the Wii U can perform to help with mapping if you need it.
Again, only useful if you can make use of it. A dev interested in deving a webpage or simble browser game could use this to make a GamePad secondary or primary control scheme.

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It takes more than a button states to create a game on the Wii U. Even Indie game developers need a Wii U development kit to make one.


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Thanks for sharing this info :) I'm on my 3DS atm, but I will check it out on the gamepad later.
It sounds like a cool feature for devs to be able to have websites to promo Wii U games (maybe stripped down demos or something).

edit: it seems that my gyro is slightly off... I'm not sure if there is a setting for calibration, maybe the gamepad has to be in the cradle at start-up? edit2: the gamepad does seem to calibrate at start-up, I got more accurate results on the webpage after a cradled restart.

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@Chaptrick Soooooo.......... not a single game uses button states? How do you play Mario, Mario Kart, TLoZ, or any other video game ever? I'm curious.

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