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This is sort of like a question over a statement, but anyway.
If the Wii U has a home screen (which it definitely will), what will it look like? Would it be like the Wii's home screen, with a few HD touch-ups? Or a brand new user interface that's never been seen before?

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How are we supposed to know?

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No one knows, we've only ever seen tech demo's of the Wii U so far. There hasn't been anything about what the home menu screen will look like or how you interact with it, so your best bet is to wait until E3 in June/July (can someone clarify that?) where, hopefully, Nintendo will show us more of the console.

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I have a strong feeling it will be a cross between the current Wii's menu and the 3DS'. Just a hunch.

Similar to how the PSP and PS3 share the same XMB menu.

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My assumption is that they're going to incorporate suspending software, like the 360 & PS3 can do, and have a brand new interface.
But I can only guess.

Just let it happen.

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Tha channel idea or something like the dash home of the 3ds is nice idea, but I'll like to have of been capable of sorting the apps that I've downloaded in some kind of folders.



Pretty much an overhauled Wii home screen. I think they want to keep everything in front so things are easy to find. I just hope we eventually get folders


Yes. The 'suspending software' feature will most defenitely be incorporated with it.

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It will most likely be like the 3DS' homescreen with a few modifications.

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The 3DS home screen is a welcome improvement on the Wii U one. I'm not sure there's much I'd like to see changed, though it would be nice if they added folders or tabs.

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3ds home screen is awesome !

just add some folders for the wiiU and then an update for the 3ds dashboard please^^

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