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So with E3 come and gone, there are plenty of games slated for fall 2013 and beyond. What are your most anticipated Wii U games now, retail and eShop?

My list is currently like this:

  • Wii Party U: looks like the best use for Wii U Gamepad out of any upcoming game. The first Wii Party on Wii was fun too, so there are big expectations for this.
  • New Super Luigi U: waiting for the disc version. Should be great to have an actual independent add-on on a disc.
  • Shovel Knight: the retro goodness and 4-player multiplayer mode look sweet.
  • Wii Fit U: it's been four years since the last one, and this one's been a long time coming. Hope the new games are as fun as the ones in Wii Fit Plus expansion.
  • X: Wii U is still a bit short on the RPG front, but this should help things out a lot. Probably a long way off still, looking like a late 2014 release.
  • Super Smash Bros: playing as Megaman is going to be great.

Also hoping for things like more Sega support on the Virtual Console / eShop.

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Wonderful 101 is my most anticipated game this year.

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Pikmin 3 - Loved the first two, ready to get back into the series.
Wonderful 101 - Love Platinum, and love comic books and super heroes. Can't wait!
X - Xenoblade Chronicles was one of my games of last Gen. I just hope Monolith can do it again.



Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros., Zelda Wii U, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, Batman AO, so many that I can go on and on and on.



WW HD and X are the only 2 so far that I feel are must have's for me, a few other titles that look interesting too; just too few for me to actually consider buying the console at this point.

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Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends (although I've been playing the challenges app WAY too much so I'm not as excited now)

I'm also looking forward to Mario Kart and Smash Bros. but I'm not that excited yet, mostly because I don't know too much about either game
Wonderful 101 looks interesting, I may get it if I see more gameplay
I also want to get New Super Luigi U but I'm having a hard time deciding if I should buy Mario U and get DLC or wait for the retail
I may get Wii Party U as well mostly because I constantly have 4-6 friends over who like playing Nintendo Land and I'm sure they would appreciate something new, lol

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Some other games I'm interested in:

  • Adventure Time: the first Adventure Time game on DS was pretty good, so this should turn out good as well.
  • Just Dance 2014: Just Dance is a great series and this is pretty much an instant purchase.
  • Donkey Kong Country TF: DKC Returns was fantastic of course, and this looks to be "more of the same".
  • C-Wars: interesting retro styled strategy game. If they nail the gameplay, this could be a fantastic purchase, but we'll have to wait and see.
  • The 90's Arcade Racer: looks like a fun, simple racing game like "they" used to do back in the day.
  • Road Redemption: have been waiting for a Road Rash revival for a long time, and this could finally hit the spot. Hope it turns out good.

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-New Super Luigi U physical
-Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD
-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
-Super Mario 3D World
-Bayonetta 2
-Mario Kart 8
-Super Smash Bros U
-Zelda U
-Sonic Lost World
-Pikmin 3
-Wii Party U maybe only reason im considering it because it looked like mario party to me


  • WW
    Baronetta 2
    Donky Kong
    Black Flag
    Super Mario 3D
    Batman Origins

All these i will be getting , then there a few maybes because im new to the series such a pickmen so im reserved most likely wait for a demo. Then wonderful 101 which im not sure what to think, so once again wait for a demo and the same for sonic.

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~Super Mario 3D World
~Pikmin 3
~DuckTales Remastered
~Mario Kart 8
~Shovel Knight
~Yoshi's Yarn
~Game & Wario
~Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker U
~Super Luigi U (Physical!)
~DKC: Tropical Breeze
~Wii U Party
~StarTropics 3: Mike Jones is officially dead

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I'm going to switch to download only when it comes to Nintendo published games from Pikmin onwards... I just picked up a 1.5tb external HD specifically for that... It's crazy to see 1,340+ gigabytes free when coming from a 32gb thumb drive I had plugged into the Wii U.

As far as which titles I'm getting is going to be every game announced at E3 (Pikmin 3, W101, WWHD, DKCRTF, SM3DW, X, Smash, Bayo2, MK8), minus Wii Fit and will hold off on Wii Party U until we run into another game drought.

My most anticipated title is easily Fire Emblem SMT crossover... I can't put FE: Awakening down. Even when I put another game into rotation, I find myself coming back to FE after a couple of weeks, I'm kicking myself for going cart with this game over digital download. Nintendo games always seem to have crazy good replay value, and that's why I'm switching to a download only future when it comes to Nintendo published games.

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Super Mario 3D World
Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros. Wii U
Sonic Lost World
Rayman Legends
Bayonetta 2

These are my top 6.


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Super Smash Bros.- it's downright my most anticipated title.

Super Mario 3D World- I cannot wait to play this with three others!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze- Really enjoying DKCR3D at the moment. E3 has hyped me up for another Donkey Kong!

Sonic Lost World- Will be the first Sonic game I ever buy.

W101- Looks crazy-fun!

Wind Waker HD- A remake of my favourite Zelda.

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Oh, and I'll add DKC as well.


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Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3 and perhaps X and Bayonetta 2.

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Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, X, Super Smash Bros. U, The Legend of Zelda: U

Bayonetta 2, Sonic Lost World, W101

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games 2014, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Yarn Yoshi

All the games I listed are Nintendo games, but I also don't really have a choice.

That's basically it, and it's kinda sad, because I WOULD buy some 3rd party games. GTA V and Destiny are for sure buys for me if they showed up on Wii U. Same with Madden and maybe Mirror's Edge 2.

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As someone who plan's on only playing Nintendo consoles this generation there's a lot for me to look forward to...

The 90's Arcade Racer
Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW
Ballpoint Universe
Batman Arkham Origins
Bayonetta 2
Citizens of Earth
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
DuckTales Remastered
The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
LEGO Marvel Superheroes
Mario Kart 8
Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey - New N' Tasty!
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD
Pier Solar HD
Pikmin 3
Rayman Legends
Road Redemption
Scribblenauts Unmasked
Scram Kitty & His Buddy On Rails
Shovel Knight
Sonic Lost World
Super Mario 3D World
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Two Brothers
The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup
The Wonderful 101
Yarn Yoshi

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X is definitely my most anticipated Wii U game. I really enjoyed XenoBlade, and X looks incredible. After that comes:
Smash Bros 4
Bayonetta 2
Pikmin 3
Watch Dogs

I hope the Wii U gets some really cool 3rd Party games next year. The idie games will be there, but I want more.



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