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No you're not getting it. 3D is accessible and has been for a while but people just don't care. Most of the life of a TV is spent casually watching broadcast TV so it's easy to understand why a feature that, when turned on, makes that virtually impossible didn't take off. That didn't stop virtually every TV manufacturer from trying to push it as hard as they possibly could. The idea that 3D wasn't given a chance to become mainstream is ridiculous. It was pushed harder than LED backlit screens were and they definitely became mainstream.

And again your analogies are all over the shop. Me saying that it didn't sell well despite the amount that it was pushed is not like a ferrari or me starving to death. I don't even know how you thought those analogies made any sense. If there was an analogy to what I was saying it would be more along the lines of 3DTVs being phones with physical keyboards or DVD Audio. Those things were pushed and pushed hard, they had more than enough time to become a thing and in the end price wasn't a barrier. However it isn't a surprise that they're not supported and manufactured as much as they once were given that they didn't take off.

Also I should add that I don't mind 3D, I quite like it. I just don't see any reason to chase after a feature that has such little support. If I was to get it I would get it in a new TV but right now I'm happy with the set I have. However I could have got it when I was hunting down my current TV for just a tiny bit more. That was right in the middle of the "3D bust" so the extra I would have paid over the standard-priced TV was fairly minimal. However given the fact that there wasn't much 3D content I went feature and spec shopping with 3D basically off the table as a nice extra. Came out the other end with a non-3D LED backlit 46" Sony with low input lag and some rudimentary "smart TV" features @ $800AU. Years later and I'm only just now starting to see better deals than that. So don't assume that I personally have a thing against 3D, I just don't see what the point is when it has been given a good shot and has still failed to catch on.

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From my perspective, 3D TVs have been pretty inaccessible until just this year. I suppose 3D TVs could catch on more now than a few years ago. It's just kind of off-putting that not that people like 3D when it really is a good feature, when implemented correctly. That's why I'm saying that it would be cool if Nintendo made everything 3D compatible on their system, because that lack of content wouldn't be there anymore, just like the 3DS.

What you did is basically what I did, except I had less money. I spent roughly $400 for a 39" Insignia(Best Buy brand) 1080p HDTV with ARC and low lag. I didn't even buy it based on lag, but I ended up finding out it was one the lowest lag sets available last year. This year's HDTVs look a bit more sleek, but mine actually performs better, so I can't complain. The only improvements from last year to this year were strictly cosmetic, unless you made the jump to 4K.

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Soo, I went and got some glasses and tried the 3D, its fun to do but I dont think Its something I'll do "all the time" but I was able to use it on everything. Kind of a neat feature. playing the wii u in 3D was fun too lol

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2D to 3D conversion isn't that great, but it does work somewhat. Native 3D content is always better, which is what I'm hoping Nintendo does with the Wii U on more content.

I would play video games in 3D all the time, if I could.


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